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What is Extempo

¨Extempo is a lyrically improvised form of calypso
¨It consists of a performer improvising in song or in rhythmic speech on a given theme before.
¨It is inherently competitive and success is judged by the wit and ingenuity of the performance.
¨Extempo tends to comprise topics from current events treated with mockery, ridicule and sarcasm, or with flattery or praise.

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History of Extempo                     
¨Like Calypso, extempo first roots emerged during slavery.
¨The slaves would sing their songs in patois and it usually involved colourful and aggressive language.
¨Previously known as “Mepris” the art form developed into what was later called “war calypsos” or extempo.
Extempo in the 20th and 21st Century 
The competitive nature of extempo is reflected in the annual Trinidad Carnival with a formal competition for the title of National Extempo Monarch.

 Notable artists in the field of extempo are Gypsy, Lady Africa, Black Sage and many more.






The battles or wars as many would call them is popular among the fans for the glib remarks that are normally a traded among the competitors.

As a visitor to our shores it is probably importatnt that you experience one of these "Wars" in true Trini style.