Grief Poems by Ocean

Grief is a part of life that we all either have shared or will share.
A good portion of our lives will probably be accompanied by extensive or even perrenial mourning, if not for someone close to us, then for times lost, for places, and for stages of ourselves.

Ocean's times of mourning had compelled her to turn to the distinctive realm of poetic verse in order to express otherwise inexpressable emotions.

The depths of our souls open at the abysmal times of loss, changing us forever, and alienating us from the world we had once known.

Grief Poems
by Ocean

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Here Is A Poem Exerpt From Grief Poems by Ocean:

Poem Exert, by Ocean

...and some.

right now

will bow

to change


the range

of movement.

and simply


find solace

in time

and fade,



I Stand

Poem by Ocean

I stand,


 on darkened shores

i try not to feel

i never implore

i know you’re gone 

and my tears have poured


but dreams come now

and with them,

crowded with times past.

a sense of nothingness,

the howling loneliness


for you

i walk at night

i seek no place

no person 

no one’s face

but yours

and it will



And Ocean's Grief Site, Started When She Had Suffered The Loss of the Person Closest To Her In Life, Her Brother, And Could Not Find Help Online. Ocean Wants To Make Sure That Everyone Who Has Suffered Loss Can Find Comfort There: