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In addition to being a musician, singer-songwriter, a producer and a multi-media artist, an animal rights activist, vegan enthusiast, world-traveler, surfer, and a wildlife rescuer, Ocean also writes books, stories and articles. 

Here at Ocean Books, we'll showcase her own novels, non-fiction works, stories, commentaries, and histories, as well as link you to articles Ocean has written.


Starting with Ocean's first novel, The Sea Wraithe, we'll explore the depths of this romantic horror novel - a thriller Emily Bronte would have loved and understood.

"The scariest and eeriest novel since Wuthering Heights!", wrote one reviewer.


The first book of Ocean's epic trilogy, The Mers, will also debut this spring!


This fantasy saga promises to be one of the most fascinating dives into the world of Mermaids and Mermen ever dreamed up by any of our long history of would-be Mers!

Ocean's enchanting artwork will grace these lovely storybooks for grown-ups and children alike.


Along with her non-fiction book, How To Save the World,


Ocean's collection of non-fiction explorations into the world of the Mers, from our own sub-conscious depths will also appear next fall, called

The History of the Mers


Love-Junkie, the tumultuous and angsty novel about love addiction penned by Ocean, will be available in the Autumn, and we'll post all the news here at Bookize.com as we get it.

And, meanwhile, preview the song, Love Junkie, and the very cool Music Video, Love Junkie by Ocean


Also, as if these weren't enough for this busy girl - how does she do music too?

We asked Ocean, and she told us she has tons of energy due to her all-Vegan way of living!

Sharing this info with all of us was her main reason for writing

How To Be Hot

So, in her Hotlicious Book on Health, Fitness, and yes, Beauty, Style, Finesse, and with her Hot Tips, we'll all learn how to be Veganlicious, Fit, Energetic, Youthful, and Happy! Spiritual too!

 And Follow Ocean's Hot Tips, Hotlicious Ways To Get and Stay Hot!

Also, Ocean's New Recipe Book, Veganize, Is On The Way!

Read Some Ocean Interviews and Find Out How Ocean Stays Healthy, Finds Time to Write as Well As Do Artwork and Her Main Vocation, Music, Here:

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