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"A music sorceress!" -The Source, L.A. 

" One listen and you will definitely be under Ocean's spell." 
-Current Hits, U.K. 



 Ocean's NEW Hot, Sultry Songs are HERE!


Sensual Vocals, Hot, Jungle Rhythms and Exotic Melodies in Dance, Trance, Smooth Jazz, Ballads, and Avant Garde Music!

"Ocean's Sultriness, Her Hypnotic Style in Hip Underground Dancefloor Electronica Comes to LIfe in These Exotic, Melodic, Ethereally Wild Vocals." - Electronic Trance


Ocean's New Beach Rock, Reggae, and Summer Sounds Surf CD, Ocean, is almost making its' Debut!

Read More about Ocean Here!

Ocean is on the cover of Natural Health and Vegetarian Life Magazine for their Spring (Autumn in Australia) issue! Plus, there's an awesome interview with Ocean inside!

NH and VL Magazine is published by the prestigious Natural Health Society of Australia, The Australian Vegetarian Society (NSW and ACT), The Vegetarian Society of SA and The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of QLD

Ocean is delighted to be instrumental in showing people how to get healthy by going vegan!



Visit the Mermaid Blog!

What's with the Mermania?

The Mers represent Compassion on our Planet, Sea, and they've started Channeling through some humans! So read and hear the Mermaid Lore on the Mermaid Blog and The Mermaid Podcast - Fish to Human Reports!

Check out the Vegan Logos !

Along with the new music Ocean is creating right  now in the studios, her on-going campaigns to save the Manatees and all the other animals includes helping to promote Manatee.TV

For Manatee Fans Everywhere!

Ocean asks that everyone visit We All Love Whales and find out how to join the worldwide protest on September 20,2012 to save the thousands of Dolphins the Japanese herd and slaughter!

Please go here to the Humane Society to send an email to help horses today! The Senate will vote on their fate to live or die very soon ! Join Willie Nelson and other heroes and Save our American Horses from slaughter! Do this in memory of the very great Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter who hunted only with a camera and with his love for all animals.

Ocean Rhythm Records is very proud to announce the news of Ocean’s new CD, “Ocean”, which will be released in March. Ocean has accomplished so much in this new CD, musically, and we know that everyone will be enraptured by the gorgeous Caribbean and exotic feel of this new collection of songs. Ocean’s voice is, once again, the hypnotic, mesmerizing and utterly unique instrument she is known for, and the new songs are rich in melodic splendor.

Ocean has also accepted the invitation to act as Hostess/Spokesperson forEcoMermaid.com, a fabulous new eco-site which promises to help Ecoize our planet,Sea ! Ocean is their ideal of a ‘real mermaid’, for her vocal gifts, and for her donation of time, talent, energy, and funding to save the world. She is also their choice for the very first EcoCeleb and the first EcoInterview. We at Ocean Rhythm Records are in agreement. We, too, applaud Ocean not only for her music, but for the issues closest to her soul, her love of animals and her love of helping people become vegan.

Ocean is now completing several months of an interesting recording schedule involving travel to some interesting locales and working with some legendary musicians! We'll tell you more about it in the coming months!

There are so many wonderful projects that Ocean is involved with for the coming year!


Keep swimming in to OceanMusic.com!

Ocean was chosen as the front page feature on the prestigious music news ezine, 'Mi2n.com' in August

Ocean has been chosen as the featured artist on the homepages of many prestigious sites.

An interview with Ocean is featured on Famousveggie.com in their Celeb Interviews section, and here is a link - Ocean on FamousVeggie.

Ocean wishes to celebrate the life and love that she received from her companion, her yellow lab mix that she rescued from a shelter -  Sunny, her surfer boy, who passed away very recently.  His unconditional love will be missed by many.  Please make a donation to your favorite animal rights organization in memory of Sunny or an animal friend you may have lost. Please visitOurSunny.org a site which helps dogs and their people through dog illness, and loss. It also has many informative links on dog health, on nutrition, and on first aid.


She was the songwriter spotlighted on the homepage of the Songwriters' Directory.

One of Ocean's songs won placement in a song contest at makeastar.com. 

Ocean was on the cover of the December issue of Independent Songwriter Magazine.

Ocean's interview with Singer Magazine, (which spotlights outstanding vocalists), will appear in their next issue.

Ocean is also featured on the front page of MI2N, the World's Foremost Music News Service, and was the Homepage Feature on Cablemusic, (the Third Largest Internet Radio Station in the World!) for a whole month!

 At Now.com, an International News Service, where she was featured on the front page, mp3tv, Worldrecords, Buzzemporium, and many other sites!

Buy Ocean's CD Now!

Ocean, singer-songwriter-producer, does pop funk with the magical feel of the seven seas on 'Mermaid Music', her debut CD. Ocean's hypnotic vocals and raps drift mesmerizingly over danceable rhythms.

Sometimes compared to a combination of Prince, Sting, Bjork, Sade, Led 
Zeppelin, Evanescence, Fiona Apple, Radiohead, Jennifer Lopez, Blondie, and Madonna, Ocean has emerged on the music scene with a powerful current of uniquely original and richly melodic music.

Ocean was named for the ocean, born at the ocean, lives at the ocean, surfs, volunteers for wildlife rescue, promotes environmental conservation and veganism.  




Ocean, acclaimed Artist-songwriter and producer, has a new CD debuting in Autumn, 2007. Entitled, simply, ‘Ocean’, it showcases the mesmerizing and lush vocals she is known for, and, this time, in a more relaxed, adult-contemporary vein. The songs on the self-titled CD are luxurious, melodic numbers, often with romantic themes- but some run toward the darker realms of mythic realms, and toward the exotic in structure, rhythm, and style. Overall, the listener is lured into a sensual dream of sound, seduced by Ocean’s unique and golden-toned voice.

Her well- received and eclectic first release, Mermaid Music, was, in the words of one reviewer, “Sultry and exotic, as her image would suggest,…slick and well-crafted..(with) psychedelic funk workouts..(you will) be entranced.”Her song, “Love-Junkie”, a metal-rap number, has proven to be a popular cross-over perennial, and “Siren Song”, a favorite on AAA stations.

Her vocal talents are unique and vast in both in range and style, and her songwriting puts her in that rare category of artists who can do both equally well. Ocean’s delivery on some of these softer rock songs remind one of Sade and Sting, while some of her stronger vocal runs can be compared to those of Evanescence. From echoes of Astrid Gilberto’s sandy island sound to Nina Simone’s gravelly soul, Ocean’s new vehicle, Ocean, puts her in the league of some of our preeminent female vocalists.

Ocean, named for the ocean, is a surfer, a vegan, and an environmental activist. Her multi-talents are used not only in the creation of awesome music, but also in the service of saving animals and the planet. Due to this compassionate interest, Ocean has been invited to act as spokesperson for a new site, EcoMermaid.com, which opens in mid-August, 2004, and will spotlight Ecoarticles and offer an EcoShoppingCenter. Ocean, their choice for first mermaid, was also selected for their first celebrity interview.

Ocean's Second CD Rises on a Beautiful Current of Exotic and Satiny Style. Her Vocal Gifts Accentuate a Lush Caribbean Feel and Tribal Rhythms.


Ocean is a prolific songwriter of many styles, and her love of 
groove-oriented sound is entrancingly reflected in this collection of songs 
called 'Mermaid Music'. Throughout her debut CD, Ocean's primordial themes of otherworldliness and myth drift mysteriously over undercurrents of primitive beats and Middle-Eastern-styled melodies, with the solid foundation of the elements of basic funk, blues, and rock,- Ocean's mercurial and hypnotic vocals floating overall.
Ocean is of Scandinavian descent, and has traveled the world. She produces her music in different places, using diverse musicians and engineers, and her music shows the multi-ethnic influences of cultures she's visited, while remaining in basic American elements of funk and groove.

MERMAID MUSIC, a spiritually free undulating work with hints of tribal, 
electronic, dance and street funk. Since MERMAID MUSIC was largely influenced by her world travels, her music touches many cultures and embraces exotic elements in a style she calls, Hypnofunk. Some of her music is based on "Homegrown Funk," her idea of the distillation of blues, rock, & funk. Her lyrics are at the same time "street wise" and "lyrical," often drawing on mythic themes.Her song, 'Love Junkie', which is a cross-over hit, is in a style she has termed, 'metalfunk', and it features both metallic riffs and sultry raps. At times, the sophistication of cross-rhythmic fusion accents the intricacies of her multi-leveled vocals.

In MERMAID MUSIC, Ocean takes the listener on a magical voyage of the seven seas, through a primal realm where the flavors of many cultures converge. OCEAN's musical sorcery blends all these elements together, entrancing the listener with the passionate, lilting waves of her debut album.

We would like to offer our deepest sympathy to Ocean for the losses she has suffered in the past year, of two of her closest family members.


If You Landed In Ocean's Ocean, and You Were Searching for Films Info, Go To OuFilmoholic Section!

Top Site 2004

The Vibe about Ocean:

Ocean "Ocean"

the word is that Ocean's new CD,"Ocean", will be in stores and for sale online in the spring. we're looking forward to receiving an advance copy and more information soon, so keep checking back.

Other vibes

Ocean was invited to be theEcoCeleb of the month at a new site helping to keep our world and us green and beautiful -EcoMermaid.com


also cool, Ocean's interview atFamousVeggie.com


what a cool chick - gorgeous, talented and compassionate!


Ocean was spotted in Louisiana following Katrina's wake, helping to rescue lost animals, and she's adopted several herself, adding to her own menagerie of rescued strays. This is why her new CD had been delayed until the spring.


Someone we know saw Ocean surfing recently with some of her dogs ! it seems all her rescued dogs have not only been adopted by one of the coolest chicks in the world, but they've also been able to learn to surf with her!  we've been promised some photos of her dogs surfing, so come back often to see !


 Ocean has so many projects for 2011 ! We've heard the Vibe from her official site, OceanSinger.com, and from some other sites and articles about Ocean - she has a CD coming out this spring about Animals, after "Ocean", the CD, comes out!  She's debuting the song honoring Manatees and allowing Mermaid.TV to use it in their protection for this Mermaidiest and Mermaniest of species!

Did you know that Ocean is also a writer? As well as an accomplished visual artist? We're amazed at the variety of talents she has ! We hear that her first novel is available too! At Bookize  ! And - that it's as intense and thrilling as a "Twenty-first centuryWuthering Heights" ! It's called The Sea Wraithe - we can't wait!


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