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"Ocean gives a powerful feel of Dark Cabaret and a mixture of Ethereal and Symphonic Metal vocals. These   two elements combine into a fluid form of music that is almost haunting in its beauty. It is this dynamic that    gives Ocean's music a unique presentation that will not be found anywhere else." - Music Eternal 

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Ocean - Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Author, Activist, and Artist,

Uses Her Celebrity, Her Talents, and Her Influence To Save Lives

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My Sincerest Condolences to the Family of Trayvon Martin, the Child who was murdered and who justice has abandoned. And now, for Mike Brown and for Eric Gardner and all other victims of discrimination:

Here is a Song I Wrote For Trayvon Martin:

Song For Trayvon Martin

                   by Ocean, c.2013

I was innocent

I was a child

Never did wrong

Never run wild

i thought i lived

In the land of the free

That's what i believed

I's what tthey told me

Now i lie


My Mommy and Daddy

And all around

Are grieving me

And my life lost

Because my nation

Didn't find the cost

Ot justice

Of right and wrong

So sing a song

IIn my name

Trayvon Martin

Let it ring

Let it sound

Fill your soul

Call for justice

And gun control

Remember me

In every face

Of a young boy

Of any race

I deserved a long life

Not this fate

Pray in my name

Pray in my name

"Ocean's Eagerly Anticipated Novel, The Sea Wraithe, Is Here ! In The Twilight Era of Eerie Gothic Novels for Young Adult, Hip Audiences, This Otherworldly Tale of Passion, Murder, Cosmic Forces and Endless Love Stand Out. Ornamented with Ocean's Lavish Poetic Touches, The Sea Wraithe will Beguile, Bewitch, and Entertain With its' Spell-Casting Beauty, It's Mesmerizing Prose, It's Gamut of Mythological and Anthropologic Magical Sub-Plots and it's Compellingly Intense and Charismatic Anti-Hero !"

"Emily Bronte Meets Stephen King in Ocean's intense, passionate thriller!"

Hot media star, Wade, the world's most celebrated surfer, a jaded anti-hero, finds passion with the ultimate femme fatale - so what could go wrong?

Follow these charismatic characters as fate intertwines them - holding them  like a fisherman's net, through a murder mystery in an otherworldly theme.

Ocean is so pleased that all the world is going Green, Veganizing, Getting Healthy and Compassionate and Eco!
Happy Veganing !
Ocean Blowing Kisses To All Those Who Are Kind To All Beings!
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And How We All Can Help With Ocean's Causes


Ocean's Compassionate Campaigns Fund EcoMagazine.org and Ecoize

Help Yourself and The World At The Same Time



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