Over 225 Music Festivals in Ireland this year! 

small, old, young, crazy, relaxing... Use the links to find your favourite.


Galway Jazz Festival, 05 Oct, - www.galwayjazzfest.ie 
Belfast International Arts Festival, 06 Oct. - www.belfastinternationalartsfestival.com 
East Cork Early Music Festival, 13 Oct. - www.eastcorkearlymusic.ie 
Baboró - International Arts Festival for Children, 16 Oct. - www.baboro.ie 
Imagine Arts Festival, 19 Oct. - www.imagineartsfestival.com 
Wexford Opera Festival, 19 Oct. - www.wexfordopera.com 
Sligo Live, 25 Oct. - www.sligolive.ie 
Cork Jazz Festival, 27 Oct. - www.guinnessjazzfestival.com 
Cooley-Collins Traditional Music Festival, 27 Oct. - www.cooleycollinstradfest.com 
Willie Keane memorial weekend, 28 Oct. - www.williekeanememorialweekend.com 
Hard Working Class Heroes, 28 Oct. - www.hwch.net 
Kinsale Jazz Fringe Festival, 28 Oct. - www.kinsale.ie 


Imagine Arts Festival, 19 Oct www.imagineartsfestival.com 

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