Dragonfly covers an eclectic mix of classic and new Rock, Blues, Folk, Country and Bluegrass, with funky grooves, rich vocals and stellar harmonies! With Judy Blake on vocals and percussion, Ken Hamshaw on guitar and vocals, Danny Solomon on bass, and Owen Landis on drums.

Judy Blake has been performing many styles with various groups for over 15 years. She is a former lead singer of The Nines, The Kingsnakes, and Halcyon, performing many different styles. Kenny Hamshaw is a well known guitar and bass player as well as a singer, who has been performing with numerous groups and for many community events for his entire adult life. He is currently a member of Crazy Love, a former member of The Nines, and is always busy with many side projects. Danny Solomon has a lifetime history with music as a performer and recording artist/producer/engineer. He has been playing keys since he could walk and electric bass for over 15 years. A former member of The Terry Landis Band, he can be seen and heard playing at Kirtans around the country and beyond. Known as Judy, Ken, & Danny for many years, Dragonfly has been playing and performing as a band, since 2011. Drummer, Owen Landis, a current member of Crazy Love, long-time member of The Terry Landis Band, and drummer for many kirtan artists, will be joining the group for Music in Depot Park.