The View from Anelog

Mount Anelog is a small mountain on the furthest tip of the Lleyn peninsula of Wales. To the South-West it overlooks Bardsey Island, a place of pilgrimage since the 5th Century. The music on this tape was largely written and recorded on the mountain. It reflects its peace and tranquility - and its mystery.

Track titles - The View from Anelog. Night Sky from Mynydd Mawr. Our Footprints on the Sands - Porth Oer. Evening Braich Anelog. St Mary's Well. Bardsey Island. Footsteps on the Mountain. Twenty Thousand Saints. Gulls' Flight: Early Evening, Waiting for Daybreak.

Running Time: 54 minutes

This was the first album I made and, at the time, it was only available as a cassette - this was, of course, at a time when most people were still playing cassettes! I've very recently re-released it as a CD but still have copies of the cassette left and these are available at an absolutely stunning clearance price. I can't quite bring myself to throw them away but would dearly like to have back that cupboard space.
sample track - The View from Anelog

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