Compositions of Stone

Each composition of stone is different, and each bears it's own myths and legends. Some of the stones are said to be "uncountable", others are believed to be dancers or witches who have been turned to stone by a passing saint. Others again are said to have been built to mark the passing of time or the turning of the heavens. There has always been this attempt to give meaning to that which remains so enigmatic.

The experts of every age have examined them, measured them, and tried to find that meaning. Engravings on the stones have been recorded. Alignments to the sun and other celestial bodies have been noted down. Yet still we remain unsatisfied, knowing that we know nothing, but need to know so much. The stones remain silent.

Track titles - Carnac - The Alignments, The Ring of Brodgar, Rollright Stones, Merry Maidens, Long Meg and her Daughters, Castlerigg, Avebury, Stonehenge

There are a lot of sites dedicated to standing stones and circles. For a hugely comprehensive site covering the United Kingdom, Italy and France visit Stone Pages. There's a vast amount of beautifully presented information there, including Quicktime VR movies of some of the stone circles on the album. Andy Burnham's Megalithic Portal provides a mass of photos, maps, links and general information. 

sample track - The Ring of Brodgar

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