Hello there, you've stumbled onto the Music from the Mountains home page. Music from the Mountains is the name of the company I set up in order to market my own music, so it and I are essentially the same thing. The Mountain in question is Mount Anelog, a small mountain on the furthermost tip of the Lleyn Peninsula of North Wales. Anelog is not a particularly large mountain, there are no craggy peaks or awkward climbs (no climbs at all in fact, you just walk up it) but it is a place of the most extraordinary tranquility. I have been visiting it, and writing music there, for more than 45 years. As you might imagine, this has rather cut down on the opportunities for foreign travel.

My name is Mike Simmons and if you click here, you'll get to see what I look like. Yes indeed, an ageing hippy with a receding hairline. My music is a response to the environment in which I find myself. It's warm, textural music created with synthesizers and samplers. I build up layers of natural and artificial sounds to produce an atmospheric pattern of slowly interweaving textures. I use piano, flutes, strings, and other familiar sounds alongside the less familiar - sounds which can only be produced by electronic instruments. People use it for meditation, relaxation, massage, as background music and, sometimes, to get born to. They do not, as far as I can tell, use it for dancing.

You can find out about my music on this site and you'll also be able to listen to some sample tracks. I've also included a number of links to the places that inspired the music. For the most part the links accompany the details of each album, so you'll find links to the Lleyn Peninsula, for example, on the albums that were inspired by that area. You can also find a page of  more general links - mostly relating to the kind of music I play, and other musicians working in a similar field - over on the left hand side of this page. If you're interested in my musical history you can find that here.

PS You'll notice that while all but one of the albums are available as CDs there are some that are also available as cassettes. I do wonder how many people are using them these days - I'm certainly selling very few - but some of the early albums were released in that format and I've still got a few copies left to clear.  I need that cupboard space back so they're going for a knock down price!

I generally take payment via PayPal, which means you can pay by card or PayPal account, but if you'd rather use cheque or cash that's no problem, just let me know and we'll work something out. Alternatively, all my music is on iTunes

COMING SOON - "The River at my window - the Wye" due for release June 2020!