Wedding Information

Over the last two years, we have developed materials and resources to make the process of music selection as efficient as possible for our prospective brides and grooms.  You may find several documents attached below to assist you in selecting the music for your wedding service.  First, take a look at the “Wedding Music Worksheet” to get an idea of the pieces you need to select for the service.  Then look at the attached lists of “Approved Wedding Music” (one for organ pieces and the other for hymns, vocal music, etc). 
To hear these pieces, you may request a CD recording from the church that contains short excerpts of all the pieces we offer on our music list (played on the organ in our sanctuary).  To request a sample CD, please contact Dr. Jae Ha directly (  Otherwise, you can use online resources such as itunes or to listen to excerpts.

As you begin to make your selections, write them into the “Wedding Music Worksheet.”  In the mean time, please contact Dr. Jae Ha directly ( to schedule a consultation appointment.  When you meet with him, he can walk through the items you have completed on the “Wedding Music Worksheet” and help you finalize any decisions that are outstanding.