Offertory Guidelines

posted Jun 30, 2011, 2:22 PM by Music First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio   [ updated Jun 30, 2011, 2:22 PM ]

As Jae talks with you concerning offertory solos, please keep in mind the following procedures and resources we have to offer –


1. Music selection – As you consider your choice of solo, we have a couple of resources I would like you to look at.

a. The sermon series/scripture readings. I usually have the sermon title and the scripture texts a few months in advance. Jae can supply you with these as well.  We will also maintain that information in the section below as it becomes available.  While it is not always possible to find a “direct” match to the scripture/sermon, it might stir your thinking about a piece in your solo repertoire that would complement the thrust/theme of the service.

b. We now have a reference guide for solo music listed in Biblical order. Again, this might stir your thinking about a solo in your library. I would be glad to order a new piece if you want to explore one of their recommendations. However, you will need to request a piece at least 1 month in advance of your date to allow time for shipping. Again, Jae will keep the copy of the reference guide in his office if you want to look through it.

c. Liturgical Season – when you can’t find a match to the scripture, consider the liturgical season in which you will sing your solo. Also, remember special days such as Pentecost, Christ the King Sunday, etc.

d. Generic is OK. When in doubt, “generic” solos work great.  Using generic texts (such as Psalms) will work just fine. Also, oratorio/cantata literature and hymn settings often fit most occasions. The main thing I want you to do is to consider the text as much as the music when you make your selections. If Jae or I can be a resource, please do not hesitate to ask.


2. Turning in Music and Texts – When you are scheduled for a solo, Jae will need to get a copy of your music/text a week and a half ahead of the time you will sing. In other words, give Jae your music TWO Wednesdays before you sing. For instance, If you are singing on March 13, you would need to turn in your solo by Wednesday, March 2. This is critical to getting the text submitted in a timely manner for our bulletin.


3. Scheduling/Rehearsals – Jae will your solo/offertory date, as well as arrange for a rehearsal time with you. He is also a resource for the materials mentioned above.