Meet the Executives
Music Education Undergraduate Students' Association

MEDUSA's 2009-2010 Council

President - Elizabeth Huyer

Elizabeth (Liz) is in her second year of Music Education and is excited to be back on MEdUSA! She is looking forward to seeing MEdUSA grow this year, and wants to make sure that we remain open to opportunities in Montreal's music education community, as well as provide helpful services FOR music ed. students, FROM music ed. students. Aside from MEdUSA, Liz enjoys knitting, listening to Simon & Garfunkel, and hugs.

VP Professional Development - Emily Curtis

Emily Curtis is a fourth year music education student from Toronto, Ontario. It is her intention to provide this year's students with both exciting, innovative guest speakers as well as travel opportunities to conferences for music educators. Proficient on clarinet, including bass and contrabass clarinet, and piano, Emily's love for music stems from many musical genres including, but not limited to, classical, jazz, electronic, hip hop and reggae. In her spare time, Emily likes to escape the perpetually hectic, cement lacquered city to embark on outdoor adventures including hiking, canoeing, camping, and extreme, off-trail snowboarding. Other hobbies include flying trapeze and tree climbing.  

VP Communications - Elizabeth Lanzer

Elizabeth is in her fourth year of music education and is back at it for a second time around in MedUSA! She is looking to help promote and improve organization and the much needed communication within the faculty along with her fellow MedUSA members and music ed. students. In her spare time she likes to do rather boring things like doing puzzles, watching shows on the discovery channel, knitting, and bread baking!

VP Human Resources - Gavin Hartney

Gavin is in her third year of Music Education and is super stoked about her first year on MEdUSA. She is especially interested in making connections between the Montreal school systems and all of you, especially if that means finding YOU work experience. She's pretty lame, so aside from school and MEdUSA, Gavin spends her time with her cat, Beauregard, and her three plants, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Oh, and she's always up for a game of Monopoly and a Rice Krispie Treat. 

VP Social - Eric Sheehan

Eric is in his second year of Music Ed with a concentration in classical voice and is definitely excited to be serving on MedUSA for the first time. He's looking forward to planning and executing the best social events you've ever been to, and can't wait to meet everyone that makes MedUSA so powerful and awe-inspiring. Please don't hesitate to let Eric know how he can make your events more eventful, as he is always looking for input (or questions, etc.) from fellow students. When not with MedUSA, Eric thoroughly enjoys a good sing, a good game of speed Scrabble (NB: speed Scrabble), a good stroll down St-Denis, or a YouTube infomercial for a revolutionary kitchen appliance.

VP Finance - Vanessa Coderre

Vanessa is in her first year in music education. She will be proudly budgeting MEdUSA's money so we get awesome activities. In MEdUSA, she will also act as the official french-english translator and Costco buyer. Let her know if you have amazing ideas for fundraisers or other stuff. When she is not busy doing school stuff, she also enjoys going her hometown in the countryside, annoying her brother and talking. She is very happy to be in MEdUSA this year.

Past Executive Councils