Music Education Undergraduate Students' Assiation
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McGill Music

McGill Music Education

McGill Education


McGill Office of Student Teaching

Coalition for Music Education in Canada

Music Monday

CBA - Canadian Band Association

QMEA - Quebec Music Educators Association

QBA - Quebec Band Association

IAJE - International Association for Jazz Educators

BCBA - British Columbia Band Association


ABA - Alberta Band Association

SBA - Saskatchewan Band Association

MBA - Manitoba Band Association

OBA - Ontario Band Association

OMEA - Ontario Music Educator's Association

FHOSQ - Fédération des Harmonies et Orchestres Symphoniques de Québec

FAMEQ - Fédération des Associations de musiciens éducateurs au Québec

NSBA - Nova Scotia Band Association http://www.novascotiaband

NYB - National Youth Band


WASBE - World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles

Midwest International Band and Orchestra Conference