International Conference  Music Discourse Power
Department of Romanic Studies and Department of Music
Institute of Letters and Human Sciences
University of Minho
17-19 March 2011






Music will be the starting point for this international conference, which aims to adopt and to explore a transdisciplinary attitude, following two lines of approach: on the one hand, to identify, define and reflect upon the various types of discourses – musical, literary, political, cultural, among others – and examine their diverse relationship to music; on the other hand, and building on this relationship, to characterize it through the concept of power, analysing the various types of power (emotional, aesthetic and political) that music, individually or in association with other forms, possesses.

If music is an autonomous art and discipline, with an intrinsic value and its own universal language, it can also become the background where other discourses write and inscribe themselves, providing a privileged way of diffusion, confluence and strengthening of messages with a political, literary, philosophical or social content..