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A page for other "curios" unrelated to music.
Virtual PCs - Computer virtualization/emulation
Virtual PC is a cool Microsoft application that allows you to run a virtual computer on your desktop! It virtualizes a computer setup (processor type, RAM, etc.) to run an operating system. You can run basically any operating system that runs on a PC (not Mac) in this program, meaning you can run old programs not usable in modern Windows on the legacy OSes, as well as running alphas/betas like Chicago 58s, Whistler, etc. Click here to go to the Microsoft page to download Virtual PC 2007.
Here are some files:

ISO CD images (.iso format)
Virtual floppy disks (.vfd, .dsk, .img & .ima formats)
Virtual hard drives (.vhd format)
  • Windows Chicago Build 58s VHD - VHD ".vhd" format in a ZIP [.zip] archive - One of the earliest "Chicago" builds of Windows 95. This was an alpha release, and as such, is buggy. Since what was becoming the Windows Explorer interface was only around for several builds before this (this was the first to have all 3D dialogs), there are a lot of faults. When booting in Virtual PC, make sure Sound and Hardware Virtualization are both disabled. Otherwise, it will hang at boot. Also, stop the VMC when it starts booting for the first time to check if Hardware Virtualization is off. The setting sometimes changes. Download from Windows Live SkyDrive | YouTube video (mine)
  • Windows Chicago Build 73g VHD - VHD ".vhd" format with Virtual Machine Console (.vmc format) in a ZIP [.zip] archive - Chicago 73g was one of the early alpha builds of Windows 95. This build was an improvement over Chicago 58s. This virtual machine can be set to 256 Color, but don't set it to High Color, because it will not start again and will give you give a video card error. You can also set it to resolutions like 800x600 and 1024x768. This VM has sound, but no MIDI for some reason. To log in, type in "morris" (no quotes) or just click "Cancel".  Download from Windows Live SkyDrive | Download from MegaUpload | a YouTube video (not mine)
  • Windows Chicago Build 189 VHD - VHD ".vhd" format in a ZIP [.zip] archive - A somewhat later (than Build 73g) build of Windows Chicago. More design elements are in their places, and the stability is improved. This VHD has sound and MIDI.  Download from Windows Live SkyDriveDownload from MegaUpload | YouTube video (mine) of "Passport.mid" playing in it
  • Microsoft OS/2 1.3 - VHD ".vhd" format - The earliest versions of OS/2 (v. 1.0 - 1.3) were a joint product of IBM and Microsoft. This is the Microsoft version of OS/2 1.3. This VHD was originally from VPCLoadDownload from Music Curios | Download from Windows Live SkyDrive | Download from MegaUpload | Download from the Internet Archive | a YouTube video (not mine)
  • IBM OS/2 Warp 3 - VHD ".vhd" format - A Virtual Hard Disk of OS/2 Warp 3. No the best or fastest, but it has wave sound. Mostly just a curio.  Download from MegaUpload
Kits and file collections (usually in a .zip or .7z archive)
  • The Bootable VPC Kit - ZIP [.zip] archive containing a Virtual Machine Console (.vmc format) with bootable disk images - A kit that has a VMC (no VHD), eComStation Demo CD ISO, DS Linux ISO, and the Modified Windows 3.11 IMA. Virtual PC will tell you that there is no VHD to boot from--that's okay, just click "OK" and mount one of the disk images provided. Additional information is provided in a text (.txt) file in the kit.  Download from MegaUpload
Other VPC sites:
VPCLoad - Probably the definitive Virtual PC site, with lots of virtual hard disks, ISO CD images, and more!
US VHD Vault Server - US-based server for VHD Vault
[2nd] US VHD Vault Server - The 2nd US-based server for VHD Vault (besides the main one and AndrewVHD's server)
AndrewVHD's Server - [3rd US server] Extensive server, usually on 24/7
Free VHDs - A site that has free VHDs and ISOs.
Endangered Software Archive - Not TechKnight's site, but its successor, with various old operating systems and applications. A couple files are corrupted or the links are dead, otherwise a good site.
VHD Hustle - A comprehensive site with pre-Windows 2000 versions only. Gives histories and tons of links to download from.
WinWorld - Site chock-full of downloads, from Windows to Mac OS to BeOS and more!
And check out the VPCLoad Forum!
Mini vMac
Mini vMac is another cool application that emulates a Macintosh Plus. It is maintained by Paul C. Pratt, and the Mini vMac website can be found here.
Here are some downloads:
A friend ("9vollt") and I have a site for drawings and pictures: 9vollt & Mr. X Art
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