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Full title: "Trip Through the Grand Canyon"
-known to many as "Canyon.mid" in the C:\WINDOWS folder of Windows 3.1, C:\WINDOWS\Media of Windows 9x (except Windows ME), and C:\WINNT\Media of Windows NT 3.1/3.51, 4.0  and 2000. It was written in 1990 by George Stone, the chief MIDI producer at the Passport Designs company in Half Moon Bay, California. It first appeared with "Passport.mid" in Windows 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions, then "Passport.mid" disappeared, finally rejoining "Canyon.mid" in Windows Chicago Build 58s in 1993.
^ "Canyon.mid" & "Passport.mid" in Chicago Build 58s
Download it (".mid" MIDI format) from this site (Music Curios):
Arrangement of "Trip Through the Grand Canyon" by Jake "Virt" Kaufman:
Stone's own comment on "Trip Through the Grand Canyon":
Concert band/wind ensemble arrangement by Anders Carlsson (in this context):
CaffeineRush's arrangement (from Newgrounds Audio Portal):
Listen to Jake "Virt" Kaufman's arrangement:
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Listen to Anders Carlsson's arrangement (MP3 recording of MIDI playback):
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Here's a cool site based on the piece - a YouTube video of the song in Windows for Workgroups 3.11, against the backdrop of an old Tandy computer:
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