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Welcome to Music Curios & More, where you can find all sorts of hard-to-find, unique songs and soundtracks, and some old recordings. We are under construction, but we're going to research some of these songs.
This site intends to provide info on APM stock tracks, Windows & OS/2 MIDI files, as well as to upload music curiosities ("curios") and make them more available to the public. We're getting there, and hopefully the site will be well-stocked with info and files. To that extent, we even have a CD division. We also have a section for non-music-related "curios", including Virtual PC files and 9vollt Art. We also have a YouTube page, and don't forget to check out our forum!
Featured tunes:
"Clouds" by Brian Orr
"Cha Cha Nova" by Gerhard Narholz
"Latin Lesson" by Horst Kirsch (credited as "Rolf Asberg")
"Potato Chips" by Wade F. Denning
"Manzanita" (version A) by Konrad Wolf
Check out all the downloads on this site, plus the extras at our Windows Live SkyDrive! And don't forget about our News & Updates section!