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My name is Adar Weidman, and in this web-site I select from time to time a (short) piece of music (it will usually be early music, but not necessarily), and give a list of performances for it. I will try to always have 4-5 performances, depending on my CD collection.
You will be able to listen to the piece, without knowing who the player/ensemble is for each performance. Then you can give your opinion on each, choose your favorite, and in the end see what others think, and who the performers are.

So how does it work?
The pieces are ordered alphabetically, and for each piece there's a web page with a set of (anonymous) performances and a short report you can fill and submit. Under every such page there is the "results and performers" page, where you can see how much others (and also you) liked (or disliked) every performance, and also the names of the performers + a link to the CD in Amazon (or alike).
Notice that in the bottom of every page there is a list of the mp3 files of the pieces ("Attachments"), that you can copy to your computer.

I find the Site-map as the most convenient way to navigate in this web-site.

If you want to be updated whenever there's a new performance online, just e-mail me, or use the Join or Leave page, and I will add you to the list!


PS: If you have at least 3 different performances of pieces, you are more than welcome to send me relevant mp3's (no more than 5 minutes length each, if possible), and I will post them in this web-site for all of us...

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