Music City BBG

Full Name: Music City BBG #1764
Colors: BLUE and YELLOW
Mascot: Mickey Mouse
Brother Chapter: Athens of the South AZA #258
Sister Chapter: Kriger BBG
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Region: Cotton States Region #72
Favorite Food: Spooey (pretzels and icing)
Favorite TV show: "Gossip Girl" "Grey's Anatomy" "Glee" and "Secret Life of the American Teenager"
Favorite Advisors: Andrea, Jill, Sarah, Emily, Renee, Megan!
Favorite International Cheers: "We Pledge to Thee", BBG Pep Song

At Convention 2009, Music City BBG #1764 won the Chapter of the Year Award! We showed throughout the year that we are an amazing chapter that continuously has incredible programs, tons of spirit, and most of all, AMAZING members. 

Other Awards
-1st Place Volleyball 
-Rachel Shankman Award
-6 Programming Awards
-3rd Place Scrapbook
-Membership Excellence
-International Programming Award