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Precision Repairs for Antique and Modern Cylinder and Disc Music Boxes

Cylinder re-pinning services using correct Swiss pin wire as used by the original manufacturers, comb repairs including replacement of broken teeth and tips, lead resonators, dampers, comb tuning, gear repairs, inlay & veneer repairs, and case restoration.  Damaged or missing parts replaced using the correct materials to exactly match originals. All work is performed to the finest standards with historical accuracy and absolute faithfulness to the original makers' designs. Whatever type of music box you have, we can bring it back to excellent playing condition. We specialize in fine cylinder boxes by Allard, Baker-Troll, George Bendon, Brémond, Conchon, Cuendet, Ducommun-Girod, Langdorff, Lecoultre, L’Epée, Malignon, Mermod, Metert, Nicole Freres, Olbrich, Paillard, Rivenc, Rzebitschek, and all disc boxes including Criterion, Kalliope, Myra, New Century, Olympia, Polyphon, Regina, Stella, Symphonion and the popular Thorens AD30.  We also specialize in restoration of the unique Capital "Cuff" type music boxes, in all three sizes. 

We also repair contemporary music boxes whose owners may have been told they were un-repairable or "not worth repairing."  However, our philosophy is if a music box has sentimental value to its owner, regardless of its monetary value or vintage, then it deserves the same degree of care and expertise in repair that a larger or more valuable antique machine should receive. To that end, we have been very successful in bringing many treasured family heirloom music boxes back to life so that the next generations can enjoy and appreciate them.

Our goal is total customer satisfaction with a properly restored music box that will provide many years of listening pleasure for present and future owners.  If you have a treasured music box in your family that will not play, do not try to adjust or take it apart, because it could be seriously damaged or you may be injured.  Unfortunately, many local clock repairmen and jewelers do not have the requisite knowledge, experience or special tools to repair music boxes.  It is prudent to have a reputable specialist in music boxes examine it to determine the trouble and make the necessary repairs in a satisfactory manner so that additional damage will not occur.   Bear in mind that expert music box repairers are few and far between in our world today.  You should not expect to find them locally in your area and may need to ship or deliver your music box even several states away from where you live.   Music box service is a nearly lost art and there are very few practitioners remaining worldwide today.

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Below are a few "before & after" repair examples.   

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