Why Music Birth ROCKS!

Because your birth doesn't have to be like everyone else's.

  • MUSIC BIRTH is the only class that correctly teaches how to choose and effectively use music during your birth.  

  • Allow your love of music to create the perfect birthing environment for you and your baby. 

  • MUSIC BIRTH is a class for music lovers.  You DO NOT need to be musical.                  


Let me count the ways....

-Music Birth Moms are FIVE times less likely to require medical interventions, making your birth safer and less expensive.

-Unlike other birthing methods, MUSIC BIRTH is the only method that does not become obsolete if the mom receives an epidural.

-Comfort measures!  MUSIC BIRTH teaches you more ways to fight pain than any other class.  Other methods rely on only one or two techniques, leaving a couple with few options during labor.

-MUSIC BIRTH is easier to master than other methods, and more effective.

-MUSIC BIRTH is fast and affordable,  Just $25!

-MUSIC BIRTH doesn't tell you how to birth, but empowers you to decide what is best for you.

-MUSIC BIRTH is the only birthing method that requires the instructor to have a college degree.