Optimizing ALL births through the power of music.

Hello, My name is Marie.  Most days I spend at home, taking care of my 4 beautiful children.  I LOVE being a mom!  

But every week or so, I get to spend a day helping another woman become a mom, and I love that, too. 

While earning my degree in Music Therapy, I became fascinated with childbirth and became a doula.  After graduation, I immediately specialized in Music Therapy and Childbirth.  I now offer Music Birth services throughout Treasure Valley as a doula and as a childbirth educator.  I have assisted hundreds of families in their journey to parenthood, and each time has been an honor.

My method combines all the relaxation, breathing, imagery, massage, and comfort measures of most other methods; the difference is the MUSIC.  Most people don't understand the profound effect music has on us.  Our lungs breath in time to it, our bodies move to it, and our hearts melt to it. 

And all we have to do is listen.

The most powerful tool you can bring to your birth is the music on your ipod.  It will support everything else you do, and serve as a constant supporter.

I would love to help you combine your own love of music and family; and teach you to have a safe, comfortable, and rewarding Music Birth.

Marie Bigelow, MT-BC, CD(DONA)