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You will be sent a notice of fees for Musicians. Include this amount in your check is written to St. Chrysostom's Church. The church pays the individual musicians.


Wedding Rehearsal, Wedding




Per Rehearsal  Instruments, Soloists, Choir (each) 


Extra Music

$50 per Musician



Other Arrangements


4 or more Musicians


Soloist $250

Trumpeter $250

Carillonneur $200 

Choir (8-16) $100 per Chorister

Piper $250

Wedding Music at St. Chrysostom’s Church

Welcome to Music at St. Chrysostom’s!  I’m delighted to help you shape the musical portion of your wedding ceremony, an important and festive part of your wonderful day.  Our spectacular Fisk organ, soloists, trumpeters and carillon are all ready to provide beautiful music for your service.

This information sheet and CD are designed to help you easily make choices.  The CD is arranged so that you can listen to a portion of each selection and then fill out the worksheet.  I am available to meet with you, if you wish, to discuss your wedding music and give you a live hearing of the music on the Fisk.

Wedding music at St. Chrysostom’s is ruled by Canon Law and the policies of this parish.  Only sacred music is allowed during the service: any sacred music deemed appropriate for all services in this church having an approved text (Prayer Book, Bible, Hymnal) is suitable for your ceremony.  Recorded music of any kind is not allowed in St. Chrysostom’s Church.

The standard program of music at a wedding is:
20 minute prelude (Organist chooses)
Processional(s) and Recessional
You’re encouraged to add:
Hymn(s) sung by your family and friends
1-2 solos sung by a member of our Choir. 
Choral anthems sung by our choir
I welcome specific requests for organ music, solos, anthems and hymns.

Processional & Recessional Music

Please choose two pieces from the list on the attached worksheet.  All can be played by trumpet except those by Pachelbel, Bach and Widor.  The works by Purcell, Clarke, Charpentier, Handel and Mouret can be used both as Processionals and Recessionals.  If you want to make a more festive Processional or have a large wedding party, choose two pieces: one for the wedding party and another for the bride. 

Soloists & Choirs

Members of our professional Choir sing as soloists. I contract the soloists as part of the administration of your wedding music. If you desire the Choir to sing I will arrange that also.  The Choir sings in groups of 8, 12 or 16, as desired.  The fifth page of this info sheet lists texts of suitable anthems with links to YouTube videos.   For a service without Eucharist, 1-2 solos/anthems may be sung.  For a Eucharist, 1-2 solos/anthems and service music may be sung.  When a choir and a soloist is desired, the soloist is paid the soloist fee of $250. 


Hymn singing is a marvelous way to involve your family and friends in the ceremony – it’s very festive to have them standing and singing!  Hymns are also quite effective when used as processionals and recessionals.


Our beautiful 43-bell carillon adds a glorious finish to your ceremony as your guests leave the church.  The Carillonneur plays a 10 minute program which begins during the recessional.  The Carillonneur will choose the music to be played. You may request specific pieces.


We also have a Piper available to pipe you out of the church and to play in the courtyard.  I can arrange that for you, and you may request specific pieces for the Piper to play.

Guest Musicians

We welcome qualified guest organists, soloists, and instrumentalists.  However, I must approve the guest musicians as well as their choice of music.  Guest musicians must submit a CD with samples of their playing/singing as well as a list of proposed music for my approval.  This must be done no later than two months before your wedding ceremony.

The Wedding Music CD

The CD contains excerpts from each of the selections listed on the worksheet – you will recognize many of the works you hear.  I play portions of the processionals and recessionals; a soloist from our Choir sings one verse of each of the hymns and portions of each of the solos.    The numbers to the left of the titles indicate the CD track number.