St. Chrysostom's Church has maintained an admirable standard of Choral Singing and Organ playing since its founding in 1893.  

One of the primary wishes of the founders was a vested choir and The Men and Boys Choir was begun immediately.  In 1917 The Choir of St. Chrysostom's Church - a mixed, professional Choir - replaced the men and boys choir and continues to this day.

The Choir's repertoire focuses on the great works by the Tudor masters: Byrd, Tallis, Tye, Sheppard, Ramsey, Tavener;  Spanish, German, French and Italian renaissance composers, 17th and 18th century composers, the choral works of J. S. Bach; 19th century composers: Brahms, Mendelssohn and others; and 20th Century composers: Howells, Britten, Harris, Vaughan Williams, Tippett, and many others.  The Choir has commissioned new choral works from Bruce Saylor and Frank Ferko, and premiered works by Chicago composers.