Purpose & Objectives


Music and technology can work in harmony across the curriculum.  Join a panel of enthusiastic music and tech specialists in a conversation about integration ideas. 

The Purpose

This panel will lead a discussion to illustrate the importance of music in education and how it can be used to integrate with other subject areas.  We will address the needs of music teachers and other educators by providing tried and true activities that incorporate music and technology into all curricular areas.


Participants will:
  • Relate brain-based research to connect music to other curricular areas.
  • Examine ways to use new and/or familiar tools for music-based activities. 
  • Distinguish methods of music technology integration in the classroom with the tools, resources, and research to implement activities and strategies into their teaching.
  • Share experiences integrating music and technology with their colleagues and staff.
  • Apply a working knowledge of copyrighted materials versus public domain.