Sat., June 24, 2017 4pm-  Entrance music on the Wurlitzer at the Colonial Theatre before the screening of JAWS. Maybe some John Williams scores! info..
Sun June 25th and Mon June 26th.  Pearl S. Buck 125th Birthday Celebration.  info
Fri July 14th. BLOBFEST.   Info. Sold out
Sun July 23rd - Allen Organs - Chicago - Concert
TUESDAY Aug 15th 10:30 AM. Sherlock Jr. with Live Organ Accompaniment at Colonial Theatre  info
 FRIDAY Oct 27th 7:30 PMThe Phantom Of The Opera  with Live Organ Accompaniment at Brook Arts Center (Bound Brook NJ)


"A Trip To The Moon" accompanied with the Loew's Wonder Morton

Great audiences with interests in early film and theater organ

Silent Film at the Colonial Theatre

 Bernard Herrmann scores for Hitchcock fans at the Colonial


stille nacht
Colonial Theatre - "It's A Wonderful Life" / "A Christmas Story"
Sanfilippo Estate, Barrington Hills, IL

Brook Arts

Loews Jersey - Jersey City NJ
Loews Jersey Halloween Nosferatu
Loew's Jersey -Nosferatu
Longwood Gardens

Hub Pub, Plumstead, Pahttp://www.rialtosquare.com/
Rialto Square Theatre, Joliet, IL
"Wunderbar" at Sanfilippo Estate, Barrington Hills, IL
photo by: David Vanderheyden
 Playing Interstellar - No Time For Caution
photo by: David Vanderheyden

Ambler Theater - Ambler Pa

Ambler Theater - Jan 7th 10:30am. "Steamboat Bill Jr"   Virtual Theater Organ
Princeton Theatre - Feb 4th 2017 Film: "Steamboat Bill Jr"
County Theater - March 4th 2017 Film: "Steamboat Bill Jr"
Colonial Theatre - March 5th 2017 - Entrance music on the Wurlitzer  - including Bernard Herrmann scores
Colonial Theatre - April 15th 2017 - Entrance music on the Wurlitzer  -including Wizard Of Oz themed scores
Colonial Theatre - June 24th 2017 - 
Entrance music on the Wurlitzer  -including John Williams score
Pearl S. Buck International - June 25th and 26th - Concert Piano and Organ
Colonial Theatre - Friday July 14th - BLOBFEST - SOLD OUT
Colonial Theatre - Tuesday Aug 15th 10:30 AM.  Sherlock Jr. with live pipe organ accompaniment
Allen Organs - Chicago - Sunday July 23rd - Concert
Colonial Theatre - Tuesday Aug 15th 10:30 AM.  Sherlock Jr. with live pipe organ accompaniment
Brook Arts - Fri Oct 27th.  The Phantom Of The Opera with live pipe organ accompaniment

Past Events:
AMBLER THEATER (Ambler Pa)– Saturday, January 2, 2016, 10:30 AM  - "Sherlock Jr."
LOEWS LANDMARK THEATER (Jersey City Nj) - Saturday, January 30, 2016, 5:30 PM - Entrance music on the Wonder Morton
COUNTY THEATER (Doylestown Pa)– Saturday, February 20, 2016, 10:30 AM  - "Sherlock Jr." (Theater organ)
Studio of Ben Solowey Sat March 26 - Film (Theater organ)
Bucks Country Gardens - April 10 - Spring Open House (Piano/ Guitar)
HUB PUB - April 17th - Piano
TRENTON WAR MEMORIAL - April 28th - Moeller Theater Organ -  (not open to general public)
UNION COUNTY Performing Arts Center- May 13th - Wurlitzer 
LOEWS LANDMARK THEATER (Jersey City Nj) - Wonder Morton - Saturday June 4th 5:30pm & 7:30 "A Trip To The Moon"
Sanfilippo Foundation - July 15th (Barrington Hills, Illinois) http://www.sanfilippofoundation.org/
HUB PUB - Aug 2nd - Piano and uke
RAINBOW ROOM WURLITZER (Rahway Nj) - Thursday August 1st, 1 PM - Concert
Sumerset County NJ Weekend Journey -  Sunday October 9th - Theater Organ - Buster Keaton - "The Goat"
NOSFERATU - Loew's Jersey City.  October 21  - Wonder Morton organ - 1922 Hans Erdmann music resurrected
Reminiscent of its hayday...line wraps around the block in Jersey City for Nosferatu

NOSFERATU - Brook Theatre.  October 28 - Wurlitzer Theater organ - 1922 Hans Erdmann music resurrected
NOSFERATU - Bucks County Pa. October 22 & 23 - Paramount 340 Theater organ  - 1922 Hans Erdmann music resurrected -SOLD OUT

COLONIAL THEATRE:  Holiday Concert Dec 4th

Saturday October 24th 10:30 am at Doylestown County Theater - Keaton Shorts
Saturday November 7th 10:30 am at Princeton Garden Theatre  (NJ)  - "Sherlock Jr. "
Saturday November 21st 10:30 am at Hiway Theatre in Jenkintown, Pa. - "Sherlock Jr."
November 20,21,22 at Brook Art Center. Entrance and Intermission on the 311 Wurlitzer Theater Organ
Sunday December 6th 2 pm at Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville - Holiday concert
Saturday January 2nd 10:30 am at Ambler Theater - "Sherlock Jr."

Silent Films - Buster Keaton, Laurel & Hardy

January 3rd at Ambler Theater @ 10:30 am
February 14th at Solowey Studio
February 21st at County Theater in Doylestown, Pa @ 10:30 am
February 28th LOEWS JERSEY CITY Entrance music on the Wonder Morton Organ 5:30 and 7:30 pm  more 
March 21st - NEWSEUM Washington DC  - White House Student Film Festival 
June 18th - Pennridge North
July - Chandler Hall
Oct 10-11 Somerset County -Brook Theater

November 15th at Princeton Garden Theatre
December 6th at The Brook Arts Center in Bound Brook, Nj @ 2 pm
December 13th at Hiway Theater in Jenkintown, Pa @ 10:30 am

Our Story

Bucks Country Gardens
Brook Arts 

Newseum Washington DC
White House Film Festival 2015
Union County Arts Center - Rahway
Chandler Hall

The White House Student Film Fest
See more photos here

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