About me

It's easy to make things complex. The complexity is about making things easy.
I am a Principal Academic in Computing in the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Bournemouth University, I am a member of Data Science Institute

In June 2012 I have been reappointed as the Senior Visiting Research fellow at the Bournemouth University, School of Design, Engineering and Computing, Smart Technology Research Centre
Together with my colleagues from King's College London we have recently started an iniciative interdisciplinary Complex Adaptive Networks and Systems (iCANS).
I was also a Lecturer in Informatics at the Bournemouth University (07/2010 - 10/2011)
I was a PhD student in the Institute of Informatics in the Faculty of Computer Science and Management at the Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland (10/2006 - 11/2009).
I was a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Bournemouth University, UK (06/2009 - 05/2012).
I received M.Sc. (with Distinction) in Computer Science (Specialization Information Systems) from the Wroclaw University of Technology (WUT), Poland in 2006. In the same year I received
my second M.Sc. degree in Software Engineering from the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. Since October 2006 I was a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Informatics at WUT in Poland. I submitted the thesis in May 2009 and obtained my Ph.D. in Autumn 2009. In June 2009 I was appointed to an honorary position as a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Host Organisation - Bournemouth University (BU).
The main area of my research interest are complex social networks. I have presented the results arising from my research both at WUT within various scientific groups and overseas, for example at BU where she was invited in May 2008 as a Visiting Researcher.

I was one of the founder members of the 'Social Network Group' at WUT (SNG@WUT) created in October 2006. The research work of SNG@WUT is focused on the social networks and data mining techniques that can be applied in social network analysis. In addition, I was also the manager of the 'SNAP - Social Network Analysis Platform' project, which was developed by the members of the group and provides a comprehensive set of tools and methods for conducting research on different large-scale social networks. A part of the work on this platform was supported by the grant obtained on competitive basis from the vice-chancellor of the WUT.

Since November 2005 to November 2009 I was also the leader of the Interdepartmental Student Research Group DaniE - data warehouses and data mining at WUT. The main research area of this scientific circle are the issues connected with data warehouses and data mining. The group actively cooperates with such companies as Nokia Siemens Networks, British Telecom plc, SAS Institute, Insert, etc. The group also organizes invited lectures at which the industrial partners present their recent solutions (Deloitte, Capgemini, SAS Institute).
Past projects: INFER project, GRASP#, IT SOA