Why museums?        

        Ask a Filipino where to go, you'll probably hear: "the mall."  Malls pervade our lifestyles and consciousness, it's a given.  However, nothing's to say we can't pepper our adventures here and there with visits to our local museums.  Travel broadens the mind, as we say, and museums give us a broad picture of local culture.  Tourists go to museums (not the mall) when visiting other locales, and we need a decent website to show us where.

        As of last count, we have compiled a list of more than 120 museums* all over the country--and we're still counting.  (We particularly need information on museums in the Visayas and Mindanao.)  Taken together, museum collections paint a bigger picture of the Philippines' native precolonial culture, giving a clue to the undefined Filipino identity.

        To all of you who love to explore local culture and heritage, enjoy this website.  For us, history is alive and relevant.  We hope more people join us in this adventure.

A Blurb

    The flag-bearers of Philippine heritage preservation are the National Museum (19 sites) and the National Historical Institute (multiple sites).  

    The rest of the museums are maintained by nonprofits, local governments, churches, universities and private families.