Museo de Baler

Museo de Baler
Photo from provinceofaurora.blogspot

        This museum displays artifacts and paintings about the history of Aurora, exhibits on the ethnic groups Dumagat and Ilongot, and photos and memorabilia of native son Manuel L. Quezon, second Philippine president.  There is a section regarding the Siege of Baler, with some film props from the local film "Baler."

        Baler was the Spaniards' last stand during the Philippine Revolution of 1898.  Some 50-odd Spanish troops held out in Baler Church during a year-long siege and refused to surrender, not knowing (or believing) that the war has ended.  The Spanish government hailed the soldiers as heroes, while Philippine president Emilio Aguinaldo commended them for their valor and granted them safe passage to repatriate.  The Filipinos hailed Aguinaldo for this honorable action.*   

Admission:  FREE
Address:  Poblacion, Baler, Aurora
Website:  None
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*Author's own comment:  The people of Baler probably thought the Spanish troops behaved very oddly, refusing to surrender despite repeated appeals by Spanish emissaries, and despite leaving them newspapers reporting that the war was over.  While the Spanish captain Cerezo told of unsurmountable odds in his book of memoirs, various historical accounts seem to point out that the Filipino soldiers had no particular desire to kill them (and may have even repeatedly "accidentally" left food and game within the vicinity),  as they were no longer considered enemies.  The Filipinos would have been occupied with a more urgent matter by that time--the ensuing war with the Americans.