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April 13, 1984:  Muse Air's proposed route map, as shown in the Muse Air In-Flight Service Manual, dated April 13, 1984.  During it's lifespan, Muse Air never offered scheduled flights to the northeastern United States.



July 15, 1981:  The first actual Muse Air published flight schedule, effective July 15, 1981. Since Muse Air started only with service between DAL and HOU, this small card fit conveniently in customer's wallets. HOU-DAL service is printed on the flip side (photo courtesy of Barry Crawford).


The flip side (photo courtesy of Barry Crawford).



May 16, 1982:  From the May 16, 1982 Flight Schedule.  Note that AUS and SAT service is listed as "Subject to FAA approval."  The next Flight Schedule from July 15, 1982, excludes AUS and SAT from the route map (image courtesy of Greg Heinrich). 



July 15, 1982:  The July 15, 1982, Flight Schedule and Fare Summary with no actual route changes from the previous published schedule.

 [Muse+Air+TransStar+(1).jpg]  [Muse+Air+TransStar.jpg]  [Muse+Air+TransStar+(2).jpg]

September 15, 1982:  The president of Muse Air, Michael Muse, included a letter in the September, 1982 schedule indicating the publication marked a significant milestone in Muse Air's short one-year history, because on October 1, 1982 Muse Air would commence three daily round trip, nonstop flights between HOU and LAX.


 August 7, 1983:  Timetable featuring new LBB service


September 11, 1983 Route Map including new service to Austin and Tulsa-Houston in November of that year (image courtesy of Greg Heinrich).



In December of 1983 AirCal and Muse Air launched a multi-state marketing program including joint fares, coordinated baggage handling, and cooperative sales efforts. The program is designed to provide the air traveler with greater convenience, better flight connections, and lower combined fares than have been previously available from cities in the West to cities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.


The June 4, 1985 timetable cover promoting new service to Orlando and Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida.


Routemap from the July 15, 1984 published flight schedules featuring both Muse Air and Air Cal routes (image courtesy of Greg Heinrich).



 The July 20, 1985 flight schedule featuring new non-stop service between SAT-LAX (image courtesy of Greg Heinrich).



March 14, 1986 routemap featuring new service from MIA to MSY and HOU (image courtesy of Greg Heinrich).


The October 27, 1985 timetable cover promoting new San Diego, California service.

The January 7, 1986 timetable cover promoting the Muse Air to TranStar name change.

Front of the December 15, 1986 TranStar Timetable


Back of the December 15, 1986 Timetable featuring the "TranStar SkyLink Route Map"



June 15, 1987:  The final published route map featuring new SFO non-stop service to HOU, LAS and LAX, from the June 15, 1987 Flight Schedule (image courtesy of Greg Heinrich).


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