General Collection - Nearly 200 photos from multiple contributors.

The Cari Everhart Collection - 470 photos.  A large, extraordinary collection of quality Muse Air and TranStar photos.  ©1987 CM Everhart, all rights reserved.

Muse Air and TranStar Marketing - Photos of marketing materials/ads brought together in one album.

Reunion 2012 - Many thanks to Ron and Charlotte Whipple for arranging the 2012 Reunion!

Reunion 2007 - from multiple contributors.

Reunion 2007 - Ron Whipple Collection

Party like an 80's Airline Employee - Miscellaneous party pics from multiple contributors; many from Ron Whipple.

Photos from David Eason

Photos from Nancy Anderson Cooper

Facebook Photos (you must be logged into to view)

Frontiers of Flight Museum photos

Muse Air Aircraft Photos on

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Collection

Timetables & Route Maps

Lamar Muse