Fun Facts


The Seniority Cupcakes

Before the operation of scheduled flights began, twenty five HOU CSR's and twenty five DAL CSR's got together for a celebration at Love Field (in Muse Air's headquarters) at Executive Towers. While there as a group of all new CSR's we drew our actual employee numbers from the center of cupcakes, ultimately determining all the important things like days off! Pretty unique way of handling the process.  

(Source:  Barry Canning, former MC employee, guestbook)


First Flight:  July 15, 1981

Muse Air's inaugural flight was from DAL to HOU on July 15, 1981. The aircraft was N10028.  Lamar Muse was on board and autographed inaugural flight certificates.  Once the aircraft rotated at Love Field, the passengers all applauded.  Before landing at Hobby, the pilot provided an air tour of the Houston Ship Channel. Upon landing, the passengers applauded again and everyone exited the jetway to the bright lights of the local Houston TV news cameras.  

(Source:  Royce Thomas Barron, passenger on MC inaugural flight)

Muse Air is the First Smoke-Free Airline

According to Lamar Muse, Muse air becomes the first airline to ban smoking when it began operation in June, 1982.  

While Lamar was a non-smoker when he started Muse Air, he once smoked three packs  (60 cigarettes) a day.  But after Southwest Airlines purchased Muse Air, on September 3, 1985 the non-smoking policy was changed and smoking was allowed on all Muse Air flights.

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Paris, Texas

In the movie Paris, Texas, the character Walt tries to convince his brother, Travis, to board a Muse Air flight with him to LAX. While Travis boards the flight, the scene ends with the Muse Air MD-80 stopping on the ramp, the door opening, and airstairs being lowered from the door when Travis's fear of flying gets the best of him.

According to a fan web site for the movie, the film was shot in the United States between September 29, 1983 and December 11, 1983.

While the members of the MC crew are unknown, former Muse Air Ground Ops employee Mike Spears assisted the film crew at HOU on a remote taxiway.

You may watch ship N934MC taxi in a clip of the movie, which may be viewed by going to the Videos page.


Ride With Me

In 1984, when the Jacksons arrived in Dallas for their Victory Tour performances, they were stranded at the airport when their limousine failed to show up.  So they hitched a ride in a van with Robert King, maintenance director of Muse Air.

The Victory Tour was the biggest and final concert tour of the United States and Canada by The Jacksons, and they performed for 3 days in Texas Stadium before 120,000 fans.

(Source:  Michael Jackson:  The King of Pop, by Lisa D. Campbell and John Hinsley, Muse Air passenger)



Muse Aircraft N10028 was one of two MD-81s (N10028 & N10029) originally ordered by Austral of Argentina, but AU did not take delivery and they ended up with Muse Air. The interior still had the Austral decor, even while in service with Muse. They were leased until Muse's own ordered aircraft were delivered, and then returned to MDC for sale to USAir.  

(Source:  Jammy Lee, the Douglas Aircraft Company)



One of Muse's ordered MD-82s was N934MC, which was named Friendship '82 and went on the McDonnell Douglas round-the-world sales demo tour before delivery.

(Source:  Jammy Lee, the Douglas Aircraft Company)

Spike, the Lead Sled

Muse Air had one DC-9-30F, that was converted to passenger service when there was a delay in DC-9-50's coming from Swissair. The DC-9-30 was utilized to begin service to LBB in 1983. It was commonly known as the "lead sled" and was known for constant brake overheats and engine torching. The aircraft was finally named Spike. It was in a 110 seat configuration with an all cloth interior.

The DC-9-51 that replaced Spike was aptly named the Spirit of Spike.

(Source:  Shannon Burkett, former MC employee on, April 5, 2007)

Some employees avoided flying on Spike due to safety concerns. The aircraft was louder on the inside than the other ships used in the Muse Air fleet, and reportedly had cabin pressurization issues.

Former employee CJ Hill remembered "I sat in a bar in MAF for 4 hours once cuz I didn't want to fly on Spike!"

Because the aircraft had previously been a cargo plane, some employees complained the bins smelled like a chicken coop.

Muse Air originally leased the aircraft from McDonnell Douglas which was registered as ship N502MD. In March of 1984 the ship was purchased by Airborne Express and re-registered as ship N930AX.

Despite some Muse Air employees safety concerns in the 1980s, the ship is still in service today (2016), carrying cargo for Everts Air out of Alaska.

(Photos courtesy of Russell Goutierez)


Twin Otters

Muse Air owned two Dehavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft, N63128 and N64139.

Muse Air purchased these aircraft from Golden West Airlines and Douglas Parks, respectively, on October 4, 1982.

Almost two years later, N64139 was sold to U.S. Aircraft Sales on July 2, 1984.  That same day, the aircraft was sold to Air Martinique in Fort-de-France. Three days later, the aircraft's U.S. registration was cancelled, since the aircraft had been exported to France.

N63128 was sold the following month to Halco Aviation Inc., on August 8, 1984.  Two months later, Halco Aviation sold the aircraft to Maui Airlines in Guam.  



Name Change

''Remarkable things happen when you change your name'' is the slogan of the newly christened TranStar airline.

The switch occurred in the wake of Southwest airline's purchase of Muse.

In Orlando, the event will be held at the Omni International grand ballroom on Wednesday, the day the hotel opens.  A ''gala reception'' will follow an hour-long audio-visual presentation featuring executives detailing the decision to change the name, videotape of crews repainting planes, and shots of new food and services available.

The galas already have been held in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Diego, New Orleans, Tampa and Miami.

The airline is based in Dallas and flies coast to coast by way of Texas.  

(Source:  Orlando Sentinel, March 10, 1986)

TranStar SkyLink

For a brief amount of time, Rio Airways provided code-share commuter passenger feed services for TranStar Airlines. Only in print media were Rio's aircraft ever illustrated in TranStar SkyLink brandings.  According to the newspaper the Victoria Advocate, plans were for TransStar Skylink to feature the aircraft livery in the fashion of TranStar, and smaller Fokker F27 aircraft were going to supplant DC9-50's upon the Houston Hobby - Brownsville, TX route as well as some other intra Texas routes.

Among the routes flown as a TranStar Skylink feeder brand were:

Killeen Texas - Austin Texas

Victoria Texas - Houston Texas



The Last Sad Day

I started with MC as a CSR in TUL in '82 and ended up in MSY until that last sad day. Those of you who worked that day anywhere in the system know how emotional it was. The entire MSY staff went down to the ramp to help push out the last flight. People from all over the airport stopped what they were doing and watched as we put our hands on the plane as push-back began. Of course we moved back to let the procedure finish and all hugged and cried as she taxied out and took off.

(Source:  Clint Davis, former MC employee, from the guestbook)


Frontiers of Flight Museum

A Lamar Muse display is featured at the Frontiers of Flight Museum.  The museum is located on the Southeast side of Dallas Love Field (DAL) at 6911 Lemmon Avenue.  

See exhibit photos here.


TranStar and Muse Air Memorabilia at Houston Hobby Airport Museum

As part of the 1940 Air Terminal Museum at Houston Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas, there is a display of Southwest Airlines History and Memorabilia, including TranStar and Muse Air memorabilia.

See memorabilia photos here.


Muse Air Ship N675MC displayed at Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta

N675MC, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-51 once flown by Muse Air but ending it's service with Delta Air Lines, is now parked in retirement near the main entryway to the Delta Air Lines Flight Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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