Muse Air, later TranStar Airlines, was a domestic U.S. airline operating from 1981 to 1987 and founded by father and son Lamar and Michael Muse. Muse Air was the first commercial airline to prohibit smoking on flights and, among other service offerings, was marketed as a fresh air alternative to the competition.  At its peak, MC served fourteen cities in six states with 18 aircraft and employed 900 workers. 

The company was purchased by Southwest Airlines but operated as a separate airline.   Muse Air's headquarters was moved from Dallas to Houston, Texas.  Southwest then changed the Muse Air name to TranStar Airlines.  In August 1987, citing "unacceptable losses" and prohibitive competition, TranStar ceased operations.

MuseAir.com is an online memento of Muse Air and TranStar Airlines.

Articles about Muse Air & TranStar:

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A Boy and His Airline, excerpts from the April, 1989 issue of Texas Monthly

Class Act:  The Muse Air/TranStar Story - A Spring, 1993 Airliners magazine featured article, written by former Muse Air employee Tim Kincaid (pdf)

Southwest Passage, a book by Lamar Muse published in February, 2003, available on amazon.com.

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