This is the personal website of MUSAU Mattmeachamjr Muhammad
         Musau Muhammad
         Musau M. Muhammad
         MUSAU mm
            Born:  February 28, 1950
            Place of Birth:  Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA (Matt Meacham Jr.)
            Parents:  Father (Matt Meacham, Sr.)  Mother (Ruth Kate Works Meacham)
            Siblings:/tmp/guest-T1wOqT/Desktop/MUSAU Photo.jpg
                    Welma Meacham (sister)/media/6968-B287/Aurora Borealis.jpg
                    Bernard Meacham (brother)/media/6968-B287/phtograph.jpg
                    Adolph Meacham ( brother)
                    Mildred Meacham (sister)
                    Mildred Delois Meacham ( sister)
                    Margaret Ann Meacham (sister)
                    Barbara Jean Meacham  (sister)
                    Jerald Samuel Meacham (brother)
                    Marsha Vanessa Meacham (sister)
                    Sherwood Dwayne Meacham (brother)

             Daughter:   Anu O. Meacham

             Main Cousin:   Paul Meacham
             Main In-Law:    Verna Meacham


                Druid High School
                               Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA
                                                Offer to Join US Navel Academy
                                                Tufts University Academic Scholarship   (1968)

                                                 University of Ibadan in Ibadan, Nigeria (1971-72)
                                                 United Nations Academic Award
                                                 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) 1972  Tufts University - Medford, Massachusetts.  (Drama-Philosophy)
           Other Education:
                                       Southwest College in Los Angeles, California USA
                                        Compton College in Compton, California USA
                                        Albany State College- Albany, Georgia    USA
          Post Graduate Education:
                                        Texas Southern University- Houston, Texas USA  (Speech Communication)
                                         Kenyatta University.  NAIROBI, Kenya 2013-2015. (Theater Arts and Film Technology)

         Miscellaneous Education:
                                     Harvard University - Cambridge, Massachusetts ( Course in Chinese)
                                     Northeastern University - Boston, Massachusetts (Course in Engineering)
                                     Emerson College. Boston, Massachusetts ( Course in Speech Pathology and Speech Communication)

         Athletic Activities and Games:
                 Karate, Basketball, Table Tennis, Chess, Football (American style)

        Special Interests:

                                   Languages, Writing, and Art
                                           Particular Languages of Interest.  French, Spanish, Swahili, Portuguese, Arabic, Amharic, Hindi, and Chinese.

                           Syllabifacation and the Beginning of Communication, Vowels and Consonants.

                    Books  (First published in USA)
                           A Dog is a Man's Best Friend
                           A Love Story
                           Pretty Judy
                           Plays by MUSAU mm
                          Judgment Day
                          ANU a book of Prose and Poetry

     Religion:   ISLAM

       Favorite saying "GOD is the GREATEST!"

    Work Experience:

        TAXI DRIVER in the following cities in USA:  BOSTON,  LAS VEGAS, LOS ANGELES, and HOLLYWOOD.


                    Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts. Drama Teacher.  Boston, Massachusetts (1971-1974)
                    Rindge Technical and Cambridge High and Latin Public Schools. American Government
                    and African- American
History Teacher.  Cambridge, Massachusetts (1972)
                   MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Drama Teacher (Upward Bound) Cambridge,
                   Massachusetts (1972).
                   Higher Education.  Adult Education Teacher.  Roxbury, Massachusetts. (1972-73).
                   Wayne State University. Drama Teacher (Upward Bound). Detroit, Michigan (1974).
                   University of Southern California.  Drama Teacher (Upward Bound). Los Angeles. (1975).
                   Compton Unified School District.  English and Reading Teacher.  Compton, California (1975-76).
                   Compton College.  English and Business Tutor.  Compton, California.  (1976-1985).
                   Kenyatta University.  Acting Lecturer.  Kenyatta University.  Nairobi, Kenya ( 2012-2013).
                  JKUAT University.  Lecturer in Communication Skills.  Nairobi, Kenya (2014).

       Miscellaneous Teaching:
                  Substitute Teacher:  Boston, Massachusetts; Albany, Georgia; and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

       Work Experience in Theater, Television, and Newspaper
                    First professional play script produced by The National Center of Afro-American Artists. Boston.
                    (1971) entitled Marcus, the Prophet in Playhouse in the Park.  Boston.

                    Stage Manager for play production entitled Ballide Carribe at the National Center of Afro-
                    American Artists. Boston. (1973).

                    Technical Assistant for play productions at Trinity Theater in Providence, Rhode Island.  (1974).
                    Special Technical Assistant for special play production at Brown University in Providence, Rhode
                    Island (1975)  Also, one of the founders for the Production Group 'Rites and Reason' at  Brown University.

                   Television Work Experience.  Maintenance Manger.  Channel 31 Television in Albany Georgia.
                   Alley Theater.  Marketing.  Houston, Texas.
                   Houston Post.  Demonstrator.  Houston, Texas.
                   Tuscaloosa News ( a New York Times affiliate). Sales Manager.  Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
                   Time-Life Books.  Long Beach, California

            Miscellaneous Work Experience
                    Boston Edison ( Nuclear Department)
                    Detroit Edison ( Business Department)
                    Mass General Hospital (Boston)

         Other Professional Sales Experience

                Sales Representative/Store Manager for Electrolux Appliances
                     Tuscaloosa, Alabama  USA
                     Columbus, Mississippi  USA
                     Providence, Rhode Island  USA