I am a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Berkeley, CA, and my research is geared towards coupling novel instruments and approaches to synchrotron radiation to perform cutting edge work in chemical physics and physical chemistry. My current interests include: lasers with synchrotron radiation to probe charge and proton transfer dynamics in solvated systems,  imaging mass spectrometry/fluorescence microscopy for microbiology and developing new spectroscopic and imaging tools to probe dynamics. A short version of my 19 years at LBNL can be found here, and a formal CV here.

I am the program lead for chemical characterization, transformations and dynamics at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley CA, within Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Home base is the chemical dynamics beamline, while science is also being pursued at another soft X-ray beamline. Below are snapshots of the science themes  that I am interested in.