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    Pro Account $9.95/month or $49.95/year

FeatureBasic AccountPro Account
MP3 Uploads3/month 
(upto 1 per day)
Photo Uploads10Unlimited
Streaming BitrateUpto 64 kbpsUpto 128 kbps
MP3 File SizeUpto 10 MBUpto 30 MB
MP3 Re-UploadNOYES
Private SharingNOYES
Advertisement Free PagesNOYES
Store original files and back them up.

Gives options for streaming and privacy:
    Enable downloads
    Disable commenting
    Decide bitrate for your music streaming (Pro)
    Make your uploads private (Pro)

    Create albums to post songs under.
    Soft versions of CDs, so upload cover art and more!

    Connect account to Facebook to post music on profiles
    Connect account to Twitter to tweet uploads automatically to followers
    EVEN Embed songs on blogs with embed code (given through account)
    Simple URLs to send in emails and more!

    Track your music!
        With a cool stats graph right on your homepage, you can keep track of how much your music is circulated, listened to and downloaded!
        **Also provided in a weekly download
"Groups" Feature:
    Just like a discussion board or forum!
    Start new group or join existing one and post your songs to get discovered, feedback and more!