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The stage curtains at the hall have not yet arrived, but it should'nt be too long

All the toilets are to be replaced.  The committee is busy getting quotes from different business' to see where we can get the best deal for the frogs 

All the exit lights at the hall are to be fixed as soon as possible as this is a safety priority.  

Garbage disposal sight

A major cleanup was held at the tip and a good job was done by a few for the benefit of many with the help of the young shire.  To our great disappointment, within days of the cleanup, someone has dumped a great big box of rubbish on the ground in front of the bins, obviously too lazy to put the rubbish in the bins and the box in the cardboard disposal.  Someone is determined to see that Young Shire closes the sight for good and if you don't get your act together they will.  Please consider other people besides yourselves.

Annual subs are now due for MCA.  Fee's are as follows; $5 per head or $10 per family

Peter Baker has made a phenomenal murringo website.  you can catch in on  Take your time and have a look.  There are some great photo's of the Bingo night and information regarding Murringo

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April 06

Works in Progress.  Communication continues with the Young Shire concerning the tip, the hall toilets and other repairs etc with good results

Weeds.  The catheads have been sprayed from the hall down to the school and will be followed up with more spraying later with chemical supplied by council, labour by Tony Young and Dennis Hancock and equiptment supplied by Mrs J Dowling.

Curtains.  The curtains for the hall stage are well on the way and should be here soon, as were informed it would be just after easter.


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March 06

The new committee would like to thank the outgoing executive for the hard work carried out on behalf of the village, esp Yvonne Coupland (past president) who tried her best to operate and keep things going without a secretary and treasurer for most of the last year. 

Work in Progress

The work on the library is in progress.  The lining and shelving is being put in.  Curtains have been ordered for the stage of the main hall and the school has kindly agreed to pay half the cost of same.  The mowing around the village continues as needed and anyone wishing to help with this or the gardening around the hall/village, please contact Tony or Kaelene.

Murringo Waste Disposal Site

Since the flyer went out, things have improved slightly but still not good enough, some people are even dumping dead animals in the bins (sheep and dogs).  How disgusting!  Please put your household rubbish in the bins, not in front. The contractor cannot get close enough to some of the bins to empty them behind the piles of rubbish.  Many times the bins behind the rubbish are empty.

Membership Due

For the pricely sum of $10/family or $5/indidual pa you become a member with full voting rights to have your voice and ideas heard.