Broadband info

Broadband is a faster way of connecting your computer to the internet.

It is also "always connected" to the internet, so you don't need to dial-up every time and you can use your phone for making calls and use the internet at the same time without a second line. 

The problem is the Murringo does not have broadband at the moment (if you don't count the school, on its own network)

There are two ways for murringo to get broadband, ADSL and wireless.

ADSL.  The local exchange has not been upgraded for ADSL.  For this to happen enough people in the area need to register their interest in the service with Telstra.  Please note, even if the exchange is upgraded, you will currenlty need to live no further than around 2.5 km from the exchange to use the service.  This may change as the technology improves

To register your interest visit (we need around 50 expressions of interest to get it enabled at the local exchange.

Another other option for Murringo is a wirefree Wireless Network (currently servicing parts of Boorowa)

Plans start from $35 a month (after federal govt discount)  Advantages over adsl is that wirefree is very fast, the company is local and the service has much better coverage than adsl (if we have a transmitter in the village, we could cover the entire Murringo area)

Simply register your interest at

 Specify you are in Murringo and that you are interested in broadband internet.