Race Reports

Final MTB Race Summer 2012

posted 17 Mar 2012, 00:53 by Murrindindi Cycle Club

The fourth and final race of the summer MTB series  Tuesday 6/3/12 at Buxton

Seven racers showed up ready to use the fitness they gained from the Granite Grind just last week. The trail was in great shape after James C cleared a couple of trees off the track, fantastic service from the local DSE. The weather was also helpful with cool temps, perfect for hammering around Buxton. Rob S finally produced the performance we have been expecting and crossed the line first, holding off a determined and flying Adam S (what did he have for breakfast?) Andrew H came in third after catching Neil H (equipped with a shiny new bike) just before the finish, Andrew P came in a few minutes later, working the Granite Grind is not as good a training load as racing it. Trevor D/F came home a few minutes down; the handicapper has still not forgiven Trevor for beating him in the Hoppet a couple of years back. Mary H came in there somewhere after taking the scenic route.

Thanks to everyone for turning up, good clean fun.

Finish times

Rob S        56:12                                                                                                                                                                 

Adam S     56.16                                                                                                                                                              

Andrew H  57.01                                                                                                                                         

Neil H        57.11                                                                                                                                

Andrew P   60.13                                                                                                                                     

Trevor D/F  64.20                                                                                                                                         

Mary H       who knows


Actual times for handicapper

Rob S     45:12                                                                                                                                                                 

Adam S   42.16                                                                                                                                                             

Andrew H  37.01                                                                                                                                         

Neil H       42.11                                                                                                                                 

Andrew P  42.13                                                                                                                                      

Trevor D/F   48.20                                                                                                                                         

Mary H        who knows

Granite Grind 25 Feb 2012

posted 3 Mar 2012, 18:04 by Murrindindi Cycle Club   [ updated 3 Mar 2012, 18:07 ]

The 2012 Granite Grind has come and gone and I reckon the best yet. The trail was in almost perfect shape, probably the only weekend of the year that there is dust at Lake Mountain but a small price to pay for perfect weather and good grip.

A pretty fast start (as usual) as racers jockeyed for position on the road before heading up the climb on the access trail, this sorted things out a little with the real contenders getting away from traffic, while the rest of us tried not to get too excited knowing there is still a long race in front of us. The first climb up to the summit was fairly mellow as overtaking is hard but I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the pace being too slow. The ripping descent opened things up a bit on the way down to Snowy Hill and soon people were riding at their own pace. This is a real mountain bike racers course, lots of deceptive climbing that saps your legs, technical riding that rewards a good bike handler, fun descents, but the trail is always demanding of your attention, no time to wonder what might be for dinner. Tough but great fun.

Results for MCC members were mixed, bad luck awards to Chris White, Jason Parker and Daniel Robinson, multiple mechanicals plagued them throughout the race, Daniel in particular was riding strong and would have surely have been top 10. Guts and determination award to Kim Pammer, three laps of a demanding course and 4 hours of racing is very hard, but she hammered to the finish and will be stronger for the effort. Congratulations for podium positions to Bruce Straw, Sandra Paul, Katerina Paul, Mary Hall, Andrew Hall and Kim Pammer. The feud for king of Eildon mountain biking continues with Neil taking this round ahead of Adam, but watch this space.

Thanks to Lake Mountain for putting on a great race, the pointy end of the field gets bigger and faster every year, I am sure this race has a great future.

Full results can be found here http://lakemountainresort.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/FullResults-2.pdf

Race report for summer series #3 Buxton 7/2/12

posted 8 Feb 2012, 01:30 by Murrindindi Cycle Club

A great turnout of 11 hardened mountain bike racers turned up for the first race of 2012. Three
years ago on this date it was a little warmer in Buxton, but last night we had perfect conditions for a
fast lap of the outer loop. Nicola was off limit and established the racing line for the rest of the field,
Mary at one minute was chasing hard, then a small gruppeto of Neil, Marcelo, Kurt and Anthony
followed at 7 minutes, Neil needing a bit more of a challenge carried his son Hudson on his back,
(wished I had seen him negotiate some of the jumps). The grudge match between the 2 Buxton
locals continued as James and Rob took off together at 8 minutes, meanwhile Andrew P calmly went
through his usual pre race mental rehearsal waiting for his start at 10 minutes. Another new boy and
real Murrindindi (township) resident Dennis took off after him at 11 minutes, the handicapper was
off at 12.

Finally after the commissaires had finished their report, the jury had viewed all video footage and
Albert Contador’s appeal over thrown, Andrew P was declared the winner in a very smart time,
Rob was only 10sec back and Andrew H was handed the last spot on the podium by a very sporting
gesture from James. There were the usual crashes, mechanicals and some getting lost but a great
time was had by all. Thanks to everybody turning up, especially first timers Anthony, Dennis,
Marcelo and Kurt, and kudos to DSE for the work they did in getting the trail ready to race. Next
week is road racing on Jamieson Rd Eildon and don’t forget the Granite Grind on the 25th of Feb, let’s
wave the MCC flag.


Andrew P 52.39
Rob S
Andrew H 53.00
James C 53.02
Anthony S 54.00
Mary H
Dennis K 58.00
Nicola W 58.49
Marcelo R 1:05.33
Neil & Hudson 1:07.00
Kurt M

Mountain bike race #2 13 December 2011

posted 7 Feb 2012, 05:20 by Murrindindi Cycle Club   [ updated 7 Feb 2012, 05:22 ]

Much belated report from after work mountain bike race #2 Dec 13th

Three hardy souls turned up at the Eildon Mountain Bike Park for a bit of a thrash around. Tight technical riding is the order of the day there, and consequently some hometown knowledge helped. Neil Hall romped home in a time of 31 flat, Rob Skinner followed, only 40 seconds back, with Adam Steer (off scratch) coming in another 35 seconds later. Great riding at Eildon and if the plans of Adam and Neil come to fruition it is only going to get better.

Times for handicapper:

Neil 27.00 Adam 27.45 Rob 31.40

Mountain Bike Race #1 Tuesday 25 Nov 2011

posted 5 Dec 2011, 17:20 by Murrindindi Cycle Club

Mountain Bike Race #1 Tuesday 25 Nov

Spring conditions (handlebar high grass) at the 2 foot track Alexandra, greeted the first after work race of the season.

Five racers turned up to do battle and as usual the handicapper fell for the “I haven’t ridden my bike for 6 months” line, meaning there was a sizable gap in the finishing times of some racers, he won’t fall for that again.

After the dust settled and shrubbery removed from brake and gear levers, Rob Dundas was declared the winner, great to see him racing this year, Rob Skinner was a very credible second with a bigger come back from injury story than Lemond and Armstrong combined, third and fastest time was secretary of state  Hilary Clinton Adam Steer, who adapted well to the straightforward nature of the Alex track compared to the organic trails he normally rides. Fourth was Neil Hall, great to see him come out of hiding at Eildon, (handicapper won’t be so hard on him next time) and last in, due to navigational issues and riding a few extra K’s was Dave Gemmell.

Next race is Dec 13, see website for details, remember to be in contention for club champion you must do 2 after work races to be eligible for a handicap at the Granite Grind.

MTB Race - 1/12/2010 Buxton track

posted 7 Dec 2010, 18:43 by Murrindindi Cycle Club   [ updated 7 Dec 2010, 18:47 ]

Damp and slightly slippery conditions greeted the few real mountain bikers who turned up to race last Wednesday
at Buxton, rain held off and it was pretty good fun. We did 11/2 laps with Andrew H (Team Great Divide) taking home the chocolates, El Prez (Fallons racing) came in second, the handicapper did a slightly better job with 
Mary F H (unattached) and Adam S (Team On One) coming in within seconds of each other for third and fourth respectively.
The trail has held up really well after the seasonal monsoons, come out to Buckey sometime for a ride.
Next week road race in Eildon, Thornton.

Results                            Results for handicapper
Andrew H 52.30                AH 39.30
Blair H  55.45                   BH 45.15
Mary FH  57.45                MFH 18.15
Adam S   57.55                AS 47.55

For Handicapper

MTB Race - Two foot track 3rd November 2010

posted 23 Nov 2010, 20:05 by Murrindindi Cycle Club

Nice to see a few out on the trail - great to have a couple of young bloods trying out a ride for the first time - good work Mitchell and Scott

Elapsed times                               Actual times for handicapper
Andrew H 39.50                             AH 32.50
Blair H 40.00                                 BH 35.00
Chris W 41.15                               CW 36.15
Jay W 41.44                                  JW 35.45
Rob S 42.10                                  RS 38.10
Adam J 42.25                                AJ 38.25 
Mary H 52.40                                 MH 49.40 

Simon G + Mitchell + Scott + Jim     59.45

Jason P (looking very fit!!)       38.40 

MTB race - 30th March 2010

posted 13 Apr 2010, 20:10 by Murrindindi Cycle Club   [ updated 13 Apr 2010, 20:12 ]

Eight cyclists rolled up on 30th March to race on the two foot track. The riders started near the Station Street bridge at UT Creek and rode along the track before crossing the highway and travelling up Wattle Street. They then entered the reserve and rode up to the Lucky Mine Lookout and then down and around the boundary track. After exiting the reserve they rode on the two foot track in an anti-clockwise direction, finishing at the Station Street bridge again.

Jason, Jay, Mary and Blair finished quite close together. After a small time gap came Andrew, Simon and Mark with Adam bringing up the rear due to a navigational error.

 1st Jason (slightly ahead of Jay), 2nd Jay (32:10), 3rd Mary (too fast to record!), 4th Blair (32:40), 5th Andrew (31:15), 6th Simon B. (32:10), 7th Mark (32:15), 8th Adam (37:30)

MTB Race 3 - November 17th 2009

posted 17 Nov 2009, 21:49 by Murrindindi Cycle Club   [ updated 9 Dec 2009, 13:31 ]

Warm and dusty conditions were the order of the day as racers prepared themselves for the Buxton mtb race, 2 and a bit laps on the best single track in town, bought to you courtesy of James and the DSE.
The handicapper fell for the relaxed and laid back charm of Simon Caswell and made life much too easy for him, wont happen again, consequently he frolicked his way around the course to take the win and fastest time, narrowly holding off a hard charging Chris White by 11 sec. 
Third was Mary who used her international race experience to keep James in 4th,, Adam came home in 5th spot, no doubt suffering due to a lack of warm up, Jim was 6th and lantern rouge, next time the handicapper will give him a bit of a break, (he looks fast just standing there)

Simon 34.10 (off 4min), Chris 36.21 (off 6min), Mary 36.45 (off limit), James 37.10 (off 4min), Adam 39.36 (off 3min), Jim 40.30 (off 2min)

Road race 3 - November 10th 2009

posted 10 Nov 2009, 13:41 by Murrindindi Cycle Club   [ updated 15 Nov 2009, 13:56 ]

A record was broken for the MCC when eleven cyclists arrived to race at the Jamieson Road event. Although it had been a very hot day there was the promise of cooler conditions once the riders were higher up in elevation and amongst the trees. The course was 24km out and back and involved a fairly decent climb to begin, then undulations to the turn around. The cyclists were rewarded with a long descent to the finish line.


Results: 1st Jason Parker 1:09:10 (-10); 2nd Simon Caswell 1:09:22 (-5) and John Steer 1:09:22 (-8); 3rd Amma Griffiths 1:09:42 (-13); 4th Blair Hume 1:10:00 (scratch); 5th Chris White 1:11:23 (scratch); 6th Nicola Lindsay 1:11:39 (-21); 7th Lachie Morrison 1:15:00 (-8); 8th Lorraine Whitehead 1:15:00 (-21); 9th Adam Johnson 1:18:51 (-5); 10th Simon Gough 1:19:20 (-5)

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