Free Skype Private Lesson

Dr. Swisher is offering a free 30-minute Skype private lesson (or in person if you wish) to any high school trumpet player working on All-State, All-East/Central/West (TN) or Solo/Ensemble music.  You may need to provide him a copy of your music (depending on the state). 

Additional lessons can be scheduled for $15/30-minute lesson, schedule permitting. 

To schedule your lesson, email Dr. Swisher at with the following information:
1.  Your name
2.  Your city and state
3.  Your school
4.  Your grade in school
5.  Your cell phone number (in case the skype call is disrupted)
6.  Are you considering Music as a college major?
7.  When is the audition/performance?
8.  Your skype username (so I can initiate the call) 
9.  Available days/times for the lesson

Dr. Swisher will email you shortly to confirm the appointment.  In the meantime make sure you have a Skype account, a good internet connection, and the necessary equipment (webcam and mic).  Local stores have many inexpensive options.  

Thank you for your interest in this new service.  We hope you find it beneficial.