Apply to Murray State



This document will lead you to all of the necessary applications and deadlines in order to apply to Murray State.  Feel free to contact the Department of Music office (270-809-4288) if you need assistance.

1. Visit Campus (recommended)

This isn't mandatory, but it will allow to learn about our program first hand.  You will be able to observe  music classes, attend rehearsals, get a campus tour, have a free trumpet lesson with Dr. Swisher, and speak with university representatives about admissions, scholarship and financial aid. Plan to spend a full day at the university. 

  • Contact Dr. Swisher to choose a day for your visit.  He will set up a day of classes, rehearsals and a lesson in the Music Department.  This is best to do in the fall semester. 
  • Register with Enrollment Management.  This will allow you to get a campus tour and an appointment with Admissions Counselors (the 9am appointment usually works best). 
  • Enrollment Management will send you an email with a parking pass and maps 

2. Complete the FAFSA: US Government and MSU Financial Aid (early fall)

  • Website will start accepting applications on October 1
  • (MSU FAFSA Code: 001977)  
  • This one application will be used to determine your Government and MSU financial aid

3. Complete the University Admission Application (early fall)

  • You must be accepted to the University before you may apply for scholarships
  • The application asks for ACT/SAT scores and your High School Transcript.  Have that ready 
4. Complete the Department of Music Admissions Application (early fall)

5. Complete the Housing Application (early fall)

  • Due January 1 in order to guarantee preferences.
  • Final Deadline: July 31 (January 1st to guarantee roommate preference)

6. Complete the MSU Scholarship Application (due no later than January 15th)

  • Due January 15 in order to be eligible for music AND/OR academic scholarships
  • Website will start accepting applications on October 1
  • If you miss this deadline you will NOT be eligible for any scholarships.
  • Search the MSU Homepage for "Scholarship Application"
  • You will need an ACT score for the application.  

7. Complete the Music Department Admissions and Audition (by March 1st)

  • Mary Thurmond from the Music Department will call you to schedule your audition.  Feel free to call her at (270) 809-4288 if you haven't heard from her. 
  • Department of Music Acceptance letters will be mailed soon after your audition.
  • Music Scholarship letters are mailed in mid April.