Limitations of School Counselors

Even though school counselors are in the schools for the students at times there is only so much they can do for them. With so many responsibilities that school counselor have it is not possible to devote as much time as some students may need to individual counseling. Many students may be suffering from problems that need serious help and time devoted strictly to them. Although school counselors can meet with students for individual counseling, it is recommended that 6 sessions be the max time before the student is referred out to a professional that can devote more time to their problems.


Another limitation that the school counselor may face is having too many students on their case load. With too many students the school counselor becomes less effective in being able to reach certain students. There are many students that fall between the cracks because of being unable to recognize their need within such a big population. Without being able to help these students more will end up dropping out, failing classes or not graduating in time. Although there is nothing a school counselor can do to shrink their case load, there are programs that they can try to run to reach more students. So although this is a limitation, it is absolutely necessary that the school counselor do all they can to make sure they reach as many of these students as they can.


The last limitation I will mention is a school counselor feeling responsible for all the problems in the school. It is natural for the school counselor to feel that since they are in the school to help students with their problems that all the other problems in the school are theirs to deal with. Taking on too much responsibility will eventually limit their effectiveness in other areas. Getting to caught up trying to fix all things will end up being more of a hindrance than anything else. Although a school counselor may be great help, they have to learn when to step back and not get involved. Feeling overly responsible and being involved in too much will lead to burn out. If burn out happens then the school counselor is no longer helpful nor are they then doing their job.