International Youth Day 2007


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 International Youth Day

Event were held at UN Headquarters on Friday, 10 August to commemorate the day and in the New York, where the Mayor of the city  proclaimed 12 August as International Youth Day.

The UN Programme on Youth  organized various activites a UN Headquarters in New York to celebrate the Day.


Youth Day celebrations provided a great opportunity to begin a Model UN in your school or form a UN Youth Association or a National Youth Council.

Youths planned and organized performances to showcase - and celebrate – the fact that youth make valuable and positive contributions to the societies in which they live. Convene community meetings and events focusing on the varied skills, interests, and aspirations of young people. Invite Government and local UN officials, community and business leaders to participate in your event.  

Other initiatives
Youth Delegates to the United Nations
Tackling Poverty Together: The Role of Young People in Poverty Reduction
UNICEF-Voices of Youth
UNFPA-Youth Participation and Youth-Adult Partnerships
European Environment and Health Committee: Youth participation
Taking IT Global
Global Youth Action Network
Global Youth Service Day
World Bank - You(th) can - Youth participation for development (from WDR2007)
Braga Youth Action Plan


Celebrations to mark the day around the world

Global:  global photography competition "Shoot Nations". Prizes will be awarded for 48 winning photographs that will tour 5 major cities around the world, as well as be presented to the United Nations and displayed at UN Headquarters on International Youth Day. For more information, please visit or email:
Bangladesh: A youth network will produce a theme paper, distribute promotional materials and hold a press conference to further encourage the observance of International Youth Day in their country. For more information, please contact or
Kenya: In Kwale District, Coast Region of Kenya, activities will be held to create awareness on the impact of environmental degradation and pollution and will include Beach Clean up, Tree planting at the show ground and public education. A Public Forum will also be organized to discuss drugs and substance abuse in the district and the role of youth in the district's development agenda. Other activities will include boys and girls football, traditional dances and bicycle races. Government officials, and representatives of NGOs, CSOs, as well as religious leaders will be invited to participate as partners in the IYD commemoration activities. For more information, please contact
Nepal: A team of young researchers is now actively working on a youth report to highlight the status of youth of Nepal that will be launched on International Youth Day 2007. Workshops will also be organized to provide a space for young people to raise their voices for their participation and representation in development initiatives. For more information, please contact
Philippines: A local roadrunners youth club will conduct a 10-k clean-up drive, a 1-day youth exhibits and 3-k, 5-k and 10-k Fun Run to celebrate International Youth Day through information, education, communication and sports. Plans are also underway to have IYD as a year-round activity culminating in a 12-August event. For more information, please contact




Previous commemorations of International Youth Day