Those who are quite satisfied sit still and do nothing; those who are not quite satisfied are the sole benefactors of the world.  ~Walter Savage Landor

I think by the name of this link you definitely got that what kind of stuff  will be provided, shown or added here... Yes, You are right here is something about myself...


I am a person having nothing special in my life but I cant not help with out telling you about me on this page...


My date of Birth is 18th March, I love to listen music, I used to play guitar but now a days not have much time for that nor have guitar ;)...


Another thing i would like to add here that I also love to read poetry. Because I think Poetry is the best way of expression among all the states of Arts.

I have read Ghalib,  Nasir Kazmi, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, Ahmed Faraz, Parveen Shakir, Ali Baba Taj and alot of selected poetry of various poets.

As I think, I am not such a good reader but the poetry of these poets gave me a spectacle from which i can see the world from entirely different point of View.

I think there poetry not only express their way of thoughts & feelings but that significantly touches everyone's thoughts & feelings to some extent.


 My Personal Poetry