Ali Baba Taj

One of the great poets from the valley of Quetta!!! 

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Ali Baba Taj


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Jawad's English Poetry

A Poet ... touches the strings of heart

           I hesitated when I wanted to pen down about Ali’s “Muthi Mein Kuch Sansein”, because neither I am poet nor a critic. Being a student of English Literature, I earnestly smell the aroma his verses. Ali as a friend and comrade beautifies life, but as a poet touches the strings of heart. For him the eyes of his beloved are everything including his world.

It is not exaggeration to mention Keats, the imaginative power Keats works wonder when he drinks the attractive and bewitching eyes of his beloved (Fanny Brown), and the eyes of Ali’s beloved may be ‘manna in wilderness’ in his world. Ali feels, touches and hears – finally colours with multifarious colours of his fancy. Keats considers the melodious song of Nightingale immortal, and for Ali the Midas-touch smile of beloved couses nature smile – even God.

           His verses mirror dreams, ideals, recollections and they spread like fragrance. It is matter-of-fact that the poet shares his pent up emotions, ideas with the readers; when the reader feels the same with his heart, the appreciation reverberate in his mind. Ali feels miseries and suffering, but optimistic spot is found in the corridors of his heart like Robert Browing. Browing ‘In one way of love’ does not recollect flowers spread by him for his beloved, because they might take notice of her. Ali shines with the same hope that his world of heart is barren, but be cultivated and fertiled in postery.

           The connection of Ali with feelings and poetry is like the relation of birds with sky and earth. Wordsworth opines,” The Poetry is the breath and the finer spirit of all knowledge”. For Ali, poetry is a fervent course to Catharsis.

  Precious Words for Ali Baba Taj by:

Mr. Qutab Ali Rind

Assistant Professor 

F.G. Degree College,

Quetta Cantt.