Karen G. Berry

I live and write in an unexciting suburb of Portland, Oregon. My daily life revolves around my work as a social media professional, numerous daughters, assorted family, two small dogs and a broad community of friends.

And... Welcome to the Francie June Memorial Trailer Park, just outside Ochre Water, California. The annual talent show is imminent and the residents are restless. On a night when tempers keep rising and the wind won’t settle, a body is found face-down by Space 48. Who killed the Right Reverend Henry Heaven? County Sheriff Memphis LaCour is determined to find out. As he makes his methodical way through the decaying doublewides, he uncovers secrets that might break apart his community, his family, and his own sober heart.


Karen Berry’s beautiful sense of language, keen eye for detail, masterful ear for dialogue, and sense of humor will make you happy just to be alive. A very special book by a highly gifted writer.
—William Kowalski, author of Eddie’s Bastard and The Hundred Hearts

Karen Berry makes a sublime kind of magic on these pages. Her characters proselytize, rhapsodize, nitpick and rejoice, hearts crooning with regret and jubilation. 
—Tiffany Midge, author of The Woman Who Married a Bear and Outlaws, Renegades and Saints: Diary of a Mixed-up Halfbreed 

Both a madcap romp through a week in the lives of more crazy characters than you can shake a stick at, and a work of literature. The lush descriptions of haunting music and romantic yearning will leave you wanting more.
—Shannon Page, author of Eel River