How MurderProse came into being:

The Berry clan and Dawkins were neighbors on Bainbridge Island (where the Berry's potluck parties were famous). Their close friendship survived distance (Dawkins moved back to the East Coast) and time (decades), proving that editors and writers can––contrary to popular opinion––get along. The passing of Dennis Berry was a merciful release for Dennis but a sad, sad time for family & friends. In 2019, Hazel Dawkins surprised everyone (& herself) by deciding to return to England. Blame the c-c-cold, icy & snowy New England winters (not to mention steamy summers). The idyllic area where Dawkins grew up is perfect for a writer - it takes her a 2 minute walk to gaze at the sea - plus there's the added benefit of sharing time with siblings. It was bittersweet parting from dear ones in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts as well as many other friends scattered across the US. Visits galore were planned. Then COVID-19 came on the scene. Isolation became the name of the game. One day, the new normal will arrive.



Eyes on the Past
by Hazel Dawkins 

Is it murder? Medical Examiner Dante Nicosian, New York's leading coroner, can't be sure. So once again, optometrist-turned-sleuth Dr. Yoko Kamimura teams with the top detectives at NYPD's 13th Precinct, Dan Riley and Zoran Zeissing, to uncover the truth. As the case unfolds, Yoko is shocked to learn details of her family's WWII incarceration. Allies and alibis abound while Dr. Yoko searches for facts and unravels the darkest mystery of all, one with the power to deceive and destroy.


Eye Sleuth
by Hazel Dawkins 

The first in the Dr. Yoko mystery series, featuring an intrepid behavioral optometrist turned sleuth.Dr. Yoko Kamimura’s safe, predictable routine at the College of Optometry in New York is shattering. When the stranger who comes up to Yoko on East 24th Street, warning her of danger, is shot, safe and predictable switches to murder and mayhem. The very next day, a vicious attack at the iconic National Arts Club leaves Yoko’s godmother is left in a coma.
Mommie Dearest

by Dennis Berry

It’s 2002 and Andy Eastman’s life is falling apart. Eager to begin his summer vacation, Andy returns home to find a note from his wife: she’s left him, sick of his laissez-faire attitude toward life. Instead of confronting his problems, he agrees to help a friend find out what’s wrong with her husband, a lawyer recently fired by Boeing, Andy’s employer. Andy uncovers a conspiracy involving Boeing, the lawyer, and rapacious co-conspirators—and all hell breaks loose: his son and two of his son’s friends are abducted and the lawyer goes missing. Bewildered, dismayed, increasingly desperate, Andy shatters his self-image as a Vietnam vet turned pacifist, a man more prone to turn

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Inn Sight
by Elizabeth Berry

What checks in, doesn't always check out. As proprietor of Bainbridge House B&B, Kate Holland is used to unpredictable behavior. Her idyllic chateau regularly hosts personalities whose ups and downs rival the tides of Puget Sound. But when Murder with a capital M checks in, Kate realizes this is no one-night stay, and the guest behind the Island's latest mystery is one she can't wait to check out.

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Love and Mayhem at the Francie June Memorial Trailer Park
by Karen G. Berry

Welcome to the Francie June Memorial Trailer Park, just outside Ochre Water, California. The annual talent show is imminent and the residents are restless. On a night when tempers keep rising and the wind won’t settle, a body is found face-down by Space 48. Who killed the Right Reverend Henry Heaven? County Sheriff Memphis LaCour is determined to find out. As he makes his methodical way through the decaying doublewides, he uncovers secrets that might break apart his community, his family, and his own sober heart.

Eye Witness
by Hazel Dawkins and Dennis Berry

A hot-air balloon piloted by a Gypsy crashes in New York’s Gramercy Park district. At virtually the same moment, Marco Fellini, wealthy art dealer and philanthropist, is murdered while target shooting in the private archery range atop his sumptuous brownstone.

NYPD’s 13th Precinct has its hands full with these two high-profile cases, and its prime trio of detectives––Lieutenant Dan Riley, the brilliantly obsessive-compulsive Zoran Zeissing, and behavioral optometrist Dr. Yoko Kamimura, the team’s newest addition and Riley’s on-again, off-again lover––need to solve the cases. Both of them. Right now.

Their investigations take the unusual trio on dizzying chases:Over Manhattan rooftops, through NYC’s iconic National Arts Club, around Central Park—even under Manhattan’s crowded streets—in hot pursuit of murderers as resourceful and determined as the detectives.

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Eye Sleuth’s Ghostly Vacation: a Dr Yoko Mystery
by Hazel Dawkins, a novella in two parts.

Does Dr. Yoko see a ghost at the Deerfield Inn in Massachusetts? “It’s a dream,” scoffs Detective Dan.
But what does he know? He wasn’t in the bedroom, he was called back to New York. Months later, at Pemaquid Point in Maine, Yoko and Dan come face to face with murder and ... the ethereal Lavender Lady.

Photos of Old Deerfield, Massachusetts, Pemaquid Point, Maine, and astral entities add to mayhem that’s chillingly mysterious.

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The Suddenly Successful Student & Friends, A Guide to Overcoming Learning & Behavior Problems

by Hazel Dawkins & Drs. E. Edelman and C. Forkiotis

You will find in this concise paperback (4th edition) an overview of behavioral optometry––a specialty in the field of optometry that is available in forty countries. Read the facts about this valuable health care as well as case histories that illustrate how optometric vision therapy can help vision imbalances that are triggering learning, behavior and health problems. Whether it's difficulty learning to read, attention-deficit hyperactivity, autism, migraines, or depression––whether the patient is young or old, healthy or traumatic brain injured––when this therapy helps bring balance to vision, often the problems are reduced, even eliminated.

Optometric vision therapy has helped countless people whose eyesight was excellent but whose vision was not. Even individuals with excellent vision value optometric vision therapy: U.S. Olympic medalists and professional and amateur sports teams, including the New York Yankees, Chicago Black Hawks, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Mariners and the Dallas Cowboys. From the chapter, "Why Do Children Fail," to "It's Never Too Late," and the helpful "Your Infant's Vision, A Home Guide for Parents," this handbook offers a brief overview of a beneficial health care.
(Reviews from pediatricians, general practitioners and best-selling author Allan Cott, M.D., a New York psychiatrist. Softbound, 88 pages.)

The Suddenly Successful Student and Friends (Kindle, photos):

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