We started looking for the parents of Frank Joseph Murawski Sr. (our grandfather) and found they came to the U.S. with 3 children ...but they weren't the 3 children we knew about.
Frederick Murawski 
m. Marianna Muszanowska
children:  Frank, John, Anna
They arrived in the U.S on December 10, 1890 aboard the S.S. Hermann with 3 children. Their ship docked in Baltimore, MD.  They were from Westpreußen, Preußen (Prussia-Poland).  They came from the Brodnica (Strasburg) and Grudziądz (Graudenz) counties on the Kuyavian-Pomeranian (Kujawsko-Pomorskie) voivodeship and settled in South Chicago, IL.  The children with them were: Frank, Josepha and Anna.  Josepha was a new name for us, and we have not been able to trace her in the U.S. other than showing up on the passenger list.  John was not on the passenger list, and we don't know when he arrived.

From references in Anna's records, her christening record was found in microfilm records for Jablonowo-Pomorskie, Strasburg, Westpreußen, Preußen.  From references in John Muszanowski's  records (brother of Marianna Muszanowska), other births and christenings were found for both families.
  • Frank (b. 1873-d. 1944) married Josephine Wujek 
    • lived in South Chicago, IL and Gary, IN 
    • Children: Joseph, Eddie, Ziggy, Julianna, Mary, Casey, Helen, Frank, Peter
  • John (b. 1875-d. 1915) married Josephine Stogawska
    • lived in South Chicago, IL and Gary, IN 
    • Child: Rozalia
    • died from a steel mill accident
  • Anna (b. 1882-d. 1945) married Michael Marciniak, and Joseph Glymbocki
    • lived in South Chicago, IL, Cook County IL area, and in Indiana 
    • Children: Helen, Pearl, Rose, Adam, Josephine, Genevieve, Sophie, John, Honorata, Edward, Dorothy Marciniak
  • Marianna (b. 1879)
  • Michael (b. 1883) 
  • Josephine (b. 1886) 
  • Joseph (b. 1888) 
Birth places found so far are listed in order of date on the map.  Click on the numbers to see more information about the locations (underneath each number is the year of the birth) or click on the icon in the upper left corner of the map to open the interactive menu.

# on Map Birth Name Village on microfilm Parish on microfilm
 103 Feb 1879 Marianna Murawska Rywałdzik Płowęż - St Margarathe
 213 Aug 1882 Franz Muszanowski Waldheim (Płowężek) Płowęż - St Margarathe
 303 Oct 1882 Anna Murawska Gorzechówko Jabłonowo
 416 Oct 1883 Michael Murawski Białobłoty Rywald (Rehwalde) - St. Sebastiani
 505 Oct 1885 Josefin Muszanowska Waldheim (Płowężek) Płowęż - St Margarathe
 625 Oct 1886 Josephine Murawska Groß Plowenz Płowęż - St Margarathe
 713 Apr 1888 Martha Muszanowska Waldheim (Płowężek) Płowęż - St Margarathe
 805 Jul 1888 Joseph Murawski Schoenau (Ziegelei Adlig Schönau) Łasin (Lessen) - St. Cathrinae

Family of Frank J. Murawski, Sr. (b. 1873-d. 1944)  + Josephine Wujek (b. 1875-d. 1949)
Back row: Irene (Romanowski) Murawski, Mary G. (Murawski) Ranke, Frank Ranke, John (Ziggy) Murawski, Casey Murawski, Frank E. (Red) Murawski
Middle row: Helen (Murawski) Nawrocki, Josephine (Wujek) Murawski, BABY?, Frank J. Murawski Sr., Frank J. Murawski Jr., Joseph Ranke, Florence (Modrowski) Murawski
Front row: (children): Patricia Murawski, Melvina Murawski, ?boy Nawrocki, Dorothy Nawrocki, ?boy Nawrocki, Barbara Murawski, Esther (Rusty) Murawski, John J. Murawski, Florence May Ranke, Dolores Ranke

John Wujek  ...............
 m. Agnes Biskup
 children: Anna, Frank, Michael, Josephine 
Their children came to the U.S. individually between 1880 - 1896 from Prussia-Poland or Russia Poland.  It is not known if their parents came to the U.S.  
  • Anna married Andrew Dahlke
  • Frank married Joan Kaminski
  • Michael married Anna Witt
  • Josephine married Frank Murawski