Associate Professor

Contact Information:

Schenley Place Room 319

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

E-mail: akcakaya[at]pitt[dot]edu


My research interests are in the general areas of statistical signal processing and machine learning with applications to (1) array signal processing, (2) noninvasive electroencephalography (EEG)-based brain computer interfaces (BCIs) and (3) physiological signal analysis for health informatics. Some subjects I worked on include (our research is currently supported by NSF, AFOSR and DOE):

    • EEG-based brain computer Interfaces

      1. Detection, Assessment, and Rehabilitation of Stroke-induced Visual Neglect using AR and EEG (funded through NSF award #1915083). For more information click here.

      2. EEG-guided Electrical Stimulation for Haptic Interactions in Simulated Environments (funded through NSF award #1717654 ).

      3. Biologically Informed Intervention for Emotionally Dysregulated Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (funded through NSF CAREER award #1844885).

    • Catalyzing Resilient Urban Infrastructure Systems: Integrating the Natural and Built Environments (funded through NSF award #1854827)

    • Cognitive Radar ( funded through AFOSR)

    • Transactive Distribution Systems (funder through DOE and PNNL)

    • Biologically inspired sensing:

      1. Performance analysis of Ormia ochracea's localization ability. Click here.

      2. Sensor array processing and direction of arrival estimation inspired by the mechanically coupled ears of Ormia ochracea. Click here.

      3. Biologically inspired beampattern design. Click here.

    • Detection and estimation algorithms for MIMO radar with widely separated antennas:

      1. Adaptive MIMO radar detection in compound-Gaussian clutter. Click here.

      2. MIMO radar detection under phase synchronization errors.

      3. MIMO radar sensitivity analysis. Click here.

    • Analysis of Electrodermal Activity Signals (under construction)